About Souha Dalloul, Award Winning Omni-Channel Marketer 

Souha Dalloul is an award-winning marketer with over 20 years of omni-channel integrated marketing and brand management in GCC, MENA, and CIS markets. She has a proven track record in building household and challenger brands, driving double-digit revenue growth and ROI marketing campaigns. 

Her philosophy for marketing effectiveness is centered around the intersection of business goals, consumer insights, technology, and data analytics.  Thus, resulting in clutter cutting marcomms that create seamless brand and consumer experiences and amplify a human-to-human connections that are locally relatable and scalable.  

During her tenure in agency, media and client/brand roles, her strategic marketing and cross-specialty implementation resulted in Dubai Lynx, MENA Effies, and TikTok awards for brands that are part and parcel of our daily lives such as Dettol, PifPaf, Harpic, Persil, level shoe district, Faces/Wujooh, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, and Starbucks. 

Souha Dalloul is a graduate of the American University of Beirut and active alumna, in addition to being an advocate and sponsor for diversity and inclusion, UN SDG champion, and accomplished multi-cultural and diverse team builder.

Thoughts, wishes and reflections for our industry in 2023

Marketing has taken many forms throughout history. Yet, it has always centered around facilitating for the sale/consumption of products and/or services aimed to a group of people – who procure such products and/or services for barter, cash, or now bitcoin. From the days of the printing press, print ads, digital ads, social commerce, all the way to the AI revolution we are witnessing today with the trending Chat GPT and AI generated creatives, technology has been and still is the constant disruptor of such business X consumer interactions.

In this era of machine learning, AI, and the world of algorithms that know more about consumer preferences than ever before in the history of the world – what impact can we foresee on brands, consumers, and more importantly what role do we play as humans in this race?

With technology, deployed appropriately; brands have been able to create frictionless paths to purchase that allow customers to interact with products and services, access information and reviews at their fingertips with the ability to purchase, share and recommend in a matter of seconds. This has also conversely allowed customers to communicate their preferences and drive their demand influencing brand offerings making “build it and they will come” an invalid and dated business principle. Today brands need to listen to consumers and cater to their needs and preferences – giving rise to the era or localization, personalization and the challenge of how to do so at scale and with profitability. 

Technology has also revolutionized the notion of economy and earnings – we now see independent content creators, NFT and bitcoin traders, and others solely making a “living” from the opportunities the digital economy provides. These opportunities have forged new mindsets towards “higher education” as core success factor for our children and future generations.  It has also questioned concepts of employee/employer relationships., social fabric, and consumer/brand engagements in very profound ways.  The way we function and interact as a human society in almost every country on the planet with an internet connection is evolving at the speed of technology! 

While we can take a deep dive into the detailed nuances of technology, insights and how business are deploying and making best of data – of which case studies are abundant – I invite you to explore the impact of the forthcoming changes and how you and your teams can re-skill and up-skill and remain relevant. 

How can we facilitate the integration of technology aided human excellence that re-shapes the future of skilled professionals, brands and customer experiences?

The Human Race is here to stay and AI is here to stay.