About Reham Mufleh, Managing Director, Horizon FCB

Reham Mufleh is an absolute achiever in the advertising and communication industry, and her story is one that is truly inspiring. As the Managing Director of Horizon FCB Dubai & Fuelcontent, she is a strategic leader who brings a fresh perspective to delivering economic multipliers for her clients. 

With over 16 years of experience in the field, Reham has worked on some of the region’s flagship clients and most successful campaigns, making her a unique adwoman with a wealth of professional mastery. She is a results-oriented marketing individual with business prowess who believes in the power of unleashing creativity fueled by technology and data.

Reham has never been interested in following the crowd, preferring instead to forge her path as one of the region’s first female leaders of a multinational agency. Her passion for achieving award-winning work and strengthening client and agency relations is commendable, and her experience has helped the success and growth of the agency and its clients alike. Under her leadership, Horizon FCB Dubai received their very first Cannes Lions in 2022.

As someone deeply rooted in the Middle East, Reham’s background is as diverse as the agency itself. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia with Palestinian roots and possessing both Canadian and Jordanian passports, she encapsulates the richness and complexity of the region. Her diverse background has given her a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the consumer market and regional nuances.

But what truly sets Reham apart is her unwavering commitment to people. She believes that people are her secret weapon, and she empowers those around her to be their best selves. 

Reham Mufleh’s unique perspective, unwavering commitment to people, and track record of success make her a force to be reckoned with.

About her thoughts for the industry

Advertising is an ever-changing industry that is rapidly evolving alongside the constant digital and technological advancements around us. If we don’t ‘play catch up’ with this increasingly competitive landscape, we can become irrelevant as marketers and organizations so quickly, so soon.

Today, it is not a secret that we are witnessing a continued rise of AI and automation, which is already having a major impact on the digital marketing world. This trend seems to have emerged sooner than anticipated, opening the doors for more enhanced, personalized, and sophisticated experiences for the consumer.

Algorithms are becoming more sophisticated, and attention metrics achieved through AI tools to improve campaign performance are taking the forefront over the traditional ad metrics. Consumer data analytics are also becoming more critical than ever.

All this technology and its implications will naturally present both challenges and opportunities for brands and agencies alike.

But what does this mean?

As humans, we tend to adapt to technology. Therefore, companies and individuals who understand and adopt it sooner & first, will have an advantage & will form some sort of authority over the competition. 

On the other hand, it is imperative to be aware of not falling into the trap of using AI just for the sake of riding a wave. We need to be careful not to lose our unique brand identity and stay true to our core values. As much as it is important to adopt and adapt, it is crucial to have purposeful and meaningful experiences.

By achieving this equation, brands will be able to provide better, stronger, and more memorable experiences to their consumers, as well as build longer-term and more authentic relationships with them.

So whenever you hear anyone saying AI is the future, feel free to argue that. AI is not the future; AI is already here.