About Sevgi Gur, CMO of Property Finder

Sevgi Gur is the Chief Marketing Officer at Property Finder, overseeing the planning, development and execution of the entire organization’s marketing, branding and digital initiatives. As an award-winning global marketer, Sevgi is a digital evangelist with 15 years’ experience in FMCG, Fintech, and Entertainment.

As a former Vice President of Marketing at OSN, she played a key role driving subscriber growth in the region. Prior to her position at OSN, she had worked at Mastercard leading the marketing function.

Before that, she worked at Unilever for 15 years across the country including P&L roles in addition to global and regional roles in beverages, ice cream, and homecare with an emphasis on the MENA, Europe and LATAM markets. She is an Insead Alumni and holds B.S. Psychology from Bosporus University.

About her thoughts for the industry

Thanks to the fast paced urbanization the region has to offer across all markets, we at Property Finder consider ourselves in a unique position to be revolutionizing home search across all the markets we operate particularly in the UAE . The future is one that is driven by great economic diversification, increased foreign direct investments, newer living preferences, ever evolving buying behavious and a shift to ownership. Not just that, all of this exists within a larger territory – that of advanced digital technology and business transformation. The digital transformation of UAE’s real estate industry by DLD has made it more accessible, sustainable, and transparent. UAE is now a preferred destination for people from all walks of life to live in. 

For us at Property Finder, we believe proptech is here to map the way forward and support all of these changes through innovative real estate solutions that offer the right balance of trust, technology, talent and transparency. Data driven planning and solutions that take into account the diverse preferences and needs of the region’s variety of audiences will shape a great deal of success in 2023. 

As a brand, Property Finder is dedicated to empowering home-seekers in their journey of finding their dream home. Whether they are residents or international buyers, we are committed to being their go-to platform. While the real estate industry is transactional in nature, we believe that buying or renting a house is a significant decision in one’s lives. Our brand purpose is to focus on the emotional aspect of this decision and help our home-seekers find a home that truly resonates with them.

Our goal in 2023 is to create the best platform and brand experience for our home-seekers. In our journey of empowering home search across the region, we look forward to launching new features and product updates to improve home-seekers journey. We aspire to be innovators in the evolving real estate industry, shaping it through our creative communication and approach.