Dubai, UAE, March 7th – Castrol Middle East, the leading provider of high-quality lubricants and car maintenance solutions, announced the launch of its groundbreaking Glass Garage campaign. The campaign’s aim was to empower women car owners in the UAE and educate them on the basics of car maintenance. Despite having one of the largest numbers of female car owners in the region, a recent survey showed that 61% of women feel they have low knowledge of car maintenance, with many struggling to understand what lies under their car’s hood.


The Glass Garage campaign took a novel approach to this challenge by offering a unique, transparent and inclusive experience for women. The event had a garage fitted with cameras that showcased live car maintenance procedures in real-time, providing full transparency and empowering women to take charge of their car’s health.

Castrol partnered with select influencers to bring the Glass Garage event to life. During the big reveal event, the influencers were present to get their cars serviced “transparently”, while entertainment and education sessions took place within the garage. Women were encouraged to visit the Castrol directory on Instagram and share their experiences with the hashtag #LetsGlassGarage.

The Glass Garage campaign kicked off recently with a teaser on Castrol’s social media platforms, followed by the big reveal event February 19th, 2023. The entire campaign was live on social media, with the goal of spreading the Castrol MAGANATEC Aura and encouraging women to share their Glass Garages experiences.

Join Castrol Middle East on its journey to empower women car owners in the UAE and take control of your car’s health with the Glass Garage campaign.