About Kashmala Khan, Regional Head of Advertising, Petal Ads

Kashmala is an experienced digital advertising professional with over nine years of experience in the industry, specializing in programmatic advertising. Her experience spans across different geographies, having worked in the UK and the Middle East, which has provided her with a deep understanding of different markets and audiences.

Throughout her career, Kashmala has demonstrated a proven track record of delivering results and driving business growth. She has generated sizable revenue growth for companies such as Mailonline, Rakuten Viber where she was fast-tracked to senior positions and currently with Petal Ads, where she was the first hire on the Ads’ team three years ago and had built the advertising business from scratch. Her current role is leading the agency development program through driving and implementing partner strategies and operations.

Kashmala is a strategic thinker with a passion for programmatic and performance advertising and the latest technology and industry trends. From monetizing publisher/media businesses on the sell-side to hitting user acquisition goals for advertisers on the buy-side, Kashmala has a deep understanding of the digital advertising landscape, including the mobile, web, and video ecosystems. This has been crucial in her ability to deliver results and drive business growth.

As a working mother, Kashmala understands the importance of work-life balance and has developed a people-centric leadership style that enhances the capabilities of her team. She has given keynote addresses at numerous events and been quoted in a number of thought leadership materials, demonstrating her thought leadership in the digital advertising industry.

About her thoughts for the industry 

As a woman in the digital advertising industry, I am constantly inspired by the creativity, innovation, and collaboration that surround me. I see women breaking barriers, pushing boundaries, and driving meaningful change in this dynamic and ever-evolving field every day. It’s a space where women can thrive and make an impact.

While the digital advertising industry can be challenging and shows no sign of slowing down, it is also incredibly rewarding. As women, we bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table, and we have the power to shape the future of this industry for the better. By embracing new technologies and platforms, taking risks, and thinking outside the box, we can explore new opportunities to reach our target audience and create campaigns that are engaging, relevant, and valuable to the end user.

Building strong relationships with our clients and partners is also key to success in this industry. Communication skills, a deep understanding of the business landscape, and the ability to adapt and pivot as needed are all essential to achieving our shared goals. Working collaboratively allows us to bring different perspectives and ideas to the table and find solutions that are effective and innovative.

Moreover, as responsible people of the world, we need to consider sustainability in our work. We must aim to minimize our carbon footprint, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices in our industry. By doing so, we can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for all.

On Women’s Month, I’m reminded of the strength and resilience of women in this industry and beyond. As we continue to push boundaries, break down barriers, and make our mark in this space, I believe that we have the power to create positive change for ourselves, our industry, and society as a whole. Let’s keep striving, keep pushing, and keep making our voices heard.

p.s. if you’re not using AI, you’re falling behind