About Claire Carter, EMEA Consumer Marketing and Territory Director, Lenovo

I have had the privilege of working for top Fortune 500 companies and have had the opportunity to be part of building some of the biggest brands in the world (from FMCG to Retail to Tech). I am a Marketer, not because I stumbled across it, but because I believe in building brands, not just selling products but truly building brands consumers love. I have done every Marketing job there is and have loved seeing the impact of turning a product into a brand and this directly links to the bottom line. This passion took me to my highlight of reaching the C-Suit at age 36, being the Chief Marketing Officer of YUM Restaurants.

Something which has given me great joy over my career has been leading people and watching those I’ve had the honour to lead, grow & flourish. Great advice I was, was that the ultimate goal of a leader is if one day someone in their team goes on to be more successful them themselves). I also have a passion for women in leadership and do everything I can to pay forward all the great support and advice I’ve been given throughout my career. Whilst my career is extremely important to me, the most important job I have in this world is being a Mum, and I champion insisting that women are able to thrive in their careers while still being able to show up to swimming practice & dance rehearsals. This is no longer an option, but a necessity!

About her thoughts for the industry 

I hope that the last few (hard) years have taught us a lot and that things will stay with all of us. 

For me, the reality that we have no idea what tomorrow holds and how your whole life (& the entire world) can be turned upside in a split second has fueled my 2023 mindset. Take that vacation, visit family, go to that event and send that difficult email when you have the chance.

I hope that accelerated digital transformation which has happened over the last 3 years will go from strength to strength and that the true of power of Tech which is really all about connection will be forever valued and understood. I am truly honoured to be part of the Tech Industry which is defining hot what PC we use but how we live and how life can be Smarter, smoother & just better!

I also hope that the power of Gen Z continues to shine! I remember being told throughout my career what to wear and how to act and I absolutely am obsessed with that fact this Generation wears sneakers everyone (a generalization but you get my point) and does things how they want to. They are confident, super smart, challenge things and have taught us CEO’s of companies & Billionaires can be 25 (I’m so envious). The cookie cutter 50 year old male CEO norm is a thing o the past & I love everything about this!

And my final wish is that all the work which is being done on gender equity will be enough so that my daughter (she is 7), has a way more paved path for her than I did. And while I hope her struggles are less & her value is not shut down, I also know that if things are not perfectly equitable, she will kick butt and make it happen regardless. So here’s to all the other little girls (& boys) out there and to 2023 paving the way for the future.