Interbrand was assigned to create the new brand for KSA’s Logistics HUBs network. The project was officially launched last December.


Saudia Cargo is the leading provider of ground handling services for international air cargo carriers operating at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s main international airports. 

The company delivers premium results for its clients through clear work instructions, effective communication, and a focus on delivering high-quality service output, supported by a management commitment to excellence.


Saudia Cargo’s ground handling division is preparing to become independent in order to act as a separate entity.

The new company, Saudi Arabian Logistics (SAL) will expand from being ground handling into full logistics, becoming the leading Logistics Hub in the Gulf area and its environments, capable of trade paths effective connectivity across three continents: Asia, Europe and Africa.


SAL has been positioned and designed to be worthy in stature as a customer-focused logistics ecosystem made up of people committed to helping their partners & customers achieve their personal and professional goals.

Starting with the very name (SAL), the strategic intent is brought to life, manifesting in acronym form a true connection throughout an international network dedicated to find the way across oceans (by Sea), flying in the skies (by Air), and running on rails and on highways (by Land).

To sum up the ambition of evolving to become a driving force in national and regional transformation, the mandate is made clear in the Brand Claim developed for the entity: SAL Delivering Impact.

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