About Gurvinder Kaur, Manager of Destination Marketing, DIFC

With over 12 years of vast and multi-faceted expertise in Marketing, Events & Branding, Gurvinder has earned a reputation as an influential campaigner, events specialist and brand manager across distinct markets like Property, Retail, Luxury, Destinations and FMCG. Her business acumen has enabled her to craft successful branding strategies, launch campaigns & activations to raise market share, increase digital penetration and promote continuous process refinement. 

With the experience gained, she created and managed communication strategies to spread the brand’s story through numerous types of media. In a practical way, she develops marketing plans to grow brand awareness and attain the desired KPIs while creating new campaigns, events and product launches. Success has made her bold, but working with large teams to accomplish difficult projects and ideas has also humbled her.

Gurvinder enjoys public speaking, yoga, trying new cuisines and travelling.

About her thoughts for the industry 

I think women need to stop undermining themselves. I wish for women in 2023 to be seen as equals to their male peers in not only organizations but in all areas of life, including in their education, the roles they play in their family, career opportunities, and salaries.

I hope that in 2023, women will be more empowered to speak out against gender-based violence and discrimination and that society will have the tools and resources to provide them with the support and protection they need. I also wish for women to have full autonomy to make decisions about their bodies and their health without judgement or interference.

Finally, I hope that women in 2023 will be able to live in a world where they are truly respected, valued, and celebrated for their unique skills and strengths. I would like to add that we are extremely fortunate to be living in a country like the UAE that respects and empowers women and offers us the opportunities and support to thrive.