Friday 12 July: To amplify Wimbledon’s recent filmic trailer ‘The Story Continues’, McCann London has created three posters for the 2019 Championship under the title ‘Some Stories Live Forever’. The posters are packed full of craft and attention to detail – to excite existing fans and inspire a new generation through the unique Wimbledon story.

Each poster features tennis greats – Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe & Martina Navratilova – who are cleverly merged with historical news stories, each blending era-defining moments of human endeavour. An innovative hybrid of craft, that merged photography to create unique visuals, complimented by typography, hand letter-pressed in the traditional way, to be true and authentic to each historical period featured within the posters.

Creative Directors Alexei Berwitz and Rob Webster from McCann London said: “History isn’t a static timeline that stops at the present day. It’s an ever-evolving collection of stories. Every moment that we think of as “history”, was once thrillingly current and new. Nowhere is this more evident than Wimbledon and the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

Their story began in 1877 and they’ve been making newspaper headlines ever since; sharing coverage with the launch of Sputnik, the tumbling of the Berlin Wall and other great moments of human endeavor. And as new championships throw up new heroes and new stories, they’ll continue to do so. These beautifully designed, era-specific posters bring these insights to life, by staying true to craft of the periods they portray. Because at Wimbledon and in life, Some Stories Live Forever.”

The three iconic posters were exclusively on display at Wimbledon station on the last day of Wimbledon, to celebrate The Championship finals.


Creative Agency: McCann

Chief Creative Officers: Rob Doubal and Laurence Thomson

Creative Directors: Rob Webster and Alexei Berwitz

Senior Creatives: Matt Searle and Olly Wood

Business Director: Tommy Smith

Account Manager: Alice Lindsay

Project Director: Daniela Loccisano 

Chief Strategy Officer: Theo Izzard-Brown

Planner: Emily Ellis

Head of Art: Dan Howarth

Designer: Matthew Thomas

Designer: Angelika Juszcyk

Head of Business Affairs: Molly Strasser


Chief Production Officer EMEA: Sergio Lopez

Head of Integrated Production: Sophie Chapman-Andrews

Executive Producer: Jonathan Davies

Agency Producer: Anna Cartwright

Print Producer: Liam White

Retouching: Ashley Glasgow and Rob McDonald

Creative Researchers: Holly Webster and Pam Oskam

Picture Library: Bettmann Archive/Getty Images

Muhammad Ali™; Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC © 2019 Muhammad Ali Enterprises LLC


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