Not only does the 2019 Chevrolet Malibu save you money it helps you claw back the precious commodity called time. And here’s how… 

An average motorist can spend up to 20 minutes at a petrol station for a fill-up. Put that into context with the number of times you have to fill up your car over the course of a year and it is several wasted hours. However, with the 2019 Chevrolet Malibu that can deliver a driving range of up to nearly 1000km on a single tank, you go further, stopping for fewer fuel stops, saving both money and time.

Looks and power, with responsibility

With its aggressively restyled front and rear, including a new fascia, grilles and headlamps, as well as a reworked rear design with dual-element tail lamps, the 2019 Malibu cuts a striking image on the road. 

However, there is more to Chevrolet’s midsize sedan than meets the eye. Underneath the sheet metal lies a new 1.5L I-4 turbocharged engine, which delivers a healthy 163 horsepower and 250Nm of torque at 2,500 to 5,000 RPM. The powertrain not only delivers exciting performance, but also exceptional fuel economy. On a single tank of about 62 liters, the Malibu delivers an astonishing driving range of up to 1,000km! That equates to a fuel economy of 16.7Km/L; amongst the best in its class. And that also means a saving of up to 8 hours1 over the course of a year. 

Here’s how Chevrolet engineers achieved remarkable fuel efficiency without compromising on the 2019 Malibu’s performance:

The power of turbocharging: A turbocharged engine is focused on efficiency and uses exhaust gases, which would have otherwise been wasted, to spin a turbine that pushes more air into the cylinders to create increased power while consuming smaller amount of fuel. In essence, a turbocharged engine makes the power of a bigger unit, thanks to the optimal combustion of the fuel. Chevrolet’s 1.5L I-4 engine is masterclass in turbocharging; it makes 163 horsepower, which is almost on a par with the bigger naturally aspirated 2.4L engine, while cutting fuel consumption dramatically.  

It’s all in the aero: The 2019 model looks the part with its svelte lines and sporty proportions, however, the design isn’t merely an exercise in aesthetics; every crease and swoop is styled to ensure that the 2019 Malibu carves a path of least resistance through the air. Furthermore, the Malibu uses cutting-edge aerodynamic solutions, thereby cutting down on fuel consumption, such as electronically-actuated aero shutters, which close when engine cooling is not required, reducing drag and cutting fuel consumption even further. The aerodynamically-efficient design of the Malibu also delivers other tertiary benefits including wind-noise reduction, which contributes to greater refinement in the cabin for a more serene ride. 

More power, equal fuel efficiency: if you are looking for more power, the LT and Premier trim will offer more performance, without compromising on the fuel efficiency. The highly efficient 1.5L turbo charged engine makes 163 horsepower, while returning a remarkable 16.3Km/L. For context, the 2018 Malibu with a bigger 2.5L engine did the benchmark 0-100Km/h run in 9.1 seconds; the 1.5L 2019 Malibu, despite a smaller unit, delivers an almost identical acceleration time of 9.3 seconds. 

The bigger 2.0L unit, which is also turbo charged, meanwhile delivers a thumping 250 horsepower and boasts a fuel economy of 14.2Km/L. Acceleration is suitably exciting and the 2.0L Malibu hits 100Km/h from standstill in just over six seconds, offering a great balance between performance and efficiency. 

All in all, with these cumulative innovations, the 2019 Malibu not only delivers the performance and the refinement Chevrolet promises its customers, it also returns ground-breaking efficiency to deliver the best of both worlds.