Jawwy, a Saudi telecom brand from STC believes in fairness at all times!

And it’s well known that during Ramadan people do good deeds and heping others, more than at any other time of the year. But, it tends to be “limited time goodness.”

With Ramadan ending, Jawwy felt it was important to remind everyone to live that Ramadan spirit all year long by making sure that doing good deeds and helping others becomes an everyday habit. 

Because, to be honest, it’s not fair to limit goodness to just thirty days when we can spread fairness and goodness all year round!

Since Ramadan tends to be the advertising bonanza in the Middle East with advertisers investing in campaigns, this year Jawwy did its Ramadan campaign … after Ramadan! 

A series of teasers were launched during the last few days of Ramadan with the main campaign kicking-off just after the holidays with an online film showing how differently people act in and out of the holy month.

A digital challenge was then launched asking people to keep the Ramadan spirit alive by picking a simple good deed ( Donate – Feed – Help – Visit – Tolerate – Smile) and then tagging a friend to do the same so that the circle of fairness never stops!

But Jawwy’s after-Ramdan campaign did not stop there!

It  went live on the ground too with activities you normally only see during Ramadan except this time it was outside the holy month!  Jawwy placed donation boxes in the supermarkets, hosted meals for the needy in Mosques and distributed water at the traffic lights.

While other brands were active during the month of Ramadan much like the goodness of people, Jawwy, with the support of FP7 McCann Riyadh and FP7 McCann Dubai is looking at owning the rest of the year with its clever, insightful and meaningful after-Ramadan campaign, across different occasions through out the year extending the idea to cover other areas such as helping the environment, being a better citizen and colleague, practicising safe driving habits and many. more.