→         Volkswagen launch their ‘#100SimpleJoysOfDriving’ campaign to welcome new drivers to the roads

→         A series of short films will celebrate new drivers, and remind experienced drivers of the simple joys of getting                  behind the wheel

→         This is our list. What’s Yours?

Dubai, UAE 24 June 2018 – The top driving experiences of motorists in the GCC have been revealed in a series of short films for Volkswagen Middle East’s latest consumer campaign – the #100SimpleJoysofDriving.

The campaign, which went live on 24th June, is both a celebration of new drivers to the roads as well as a reminder to experienced ones about the simple joys of being behind the wheel. A fun list of the top 100 simple joys of driving has been revealed and it is hoped that the campaign hashtag – #100SimpleJoysOfDriving – will encourage everyone with a passion for driving and everything that it represents to join the conversation and share their own real driving experiences via social platforms.

The eight short films showcase some of the regions most loved experiences of being on the road including, being engulfed in soap suds at a car wash, overtaking a long lorry on a narrow road, cruising deserted city streets at night and having perfect control when undertaking a reverse manoeuvre.

The campaign is a universal celebration of driving for all but each short film features female drivers – a subtle nod to women who are about to embark on their own personal automotive journey, especially those in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who, as of today (24 June, 2018), are legally allowed to obtain their driver’s license for the first time in 30 years. Volkswagen looks forward to welcoming these women to the family.

Commenting on the campaign, Bruno Gisquet, Marketing Director for Volkswagen Middle East said: “At Volkswagen, people are at the heart of what we do and the inspiration for our unique creations. We may make machines, but the Volkswagen top 100 Simple Joys of Driving campaign proves that people have fun behind the wheel and we want to celebrate and bring to life those very feelings and experiences!

He added: “Of course, a great cultural shift is happening in the world of driving and a momentous occasion in automotive history is taking place in the region. Whilst we want to celebrate the joys of driving universally, we are hugely excited to be welcoming a new generation of drivers – especially those from Saudi Arabia – but also across the whole region too.


If you are a new driver or an experienced one, the 100 Simple Joys of Driving campaign is about celebrating driving in all its glory.  Whether setting out on an urban adventure, driving on the open road with no end in sight, or simply getting in the car and driving for the sheer pleasure of it. The campaign hopes to encourage real drivers to come on a journey and use #100SimpleJoysOfDriving hashtag to talk about what they love the most about being behind the wheel.