Superunion, the world’s foremost branding agency has launched a new initiative to lend its expertise to promising new startups and entrepreneurial ventures in the Middle East. Called “Super”, it is a brand development exercise to be awarded through a region-wide competitive process.

Working in collaboration with Brandberries, the Middle East’s media brand focusing on the branding industry,  Superunion brings to the region a brand-new entrepreneurial experience. The first edition of the program will be launched at Vested Summit, the world’s first-ever conscious tech summit for emerging markets.

“Many local, budding entrepreneurs and startups have the potential to grow, but their purpose isn’t always communicated,” says Majdoleen Till, Superunion’s Managing Director for the Middle East. “Through our program, we will identify a single startup for whom we will develop and strengthen a brand. And take them through a three week sprint branding process to build a positioning, name, identity and experience. This will be an engaging process that is collaborative, fast and creative.”

“Brandberries is out on a pioneering mission to pave the way for the next stream of disruptive startup brands in the Middle East” says Nesma Sherif, Head of Brand Strategy at the Brandberries.

“Brand building for startups has become a critical business imperative. In a fiercely-competitive market , Brandberries is out to empower startups of the Middle East through supporting brand-new entrepreneurial experiences that focuses on the value of a brand. It’s a reality check for every entrepreneur’s dream”, stated Hamza Sarawy, Editor in Chief of Brandberries.

About Superunion

A next-generation branding agency, Superunion was formed in January 2018 following the merger of Brand Union, The Partners, Lambie-Nairn, Addison Group and VBAT. Internationally, the agency is led by global CEO Jim Prior, and in the Middle East led by Majdoleen Till. With a combined staff of 750 in 23 office spread across 18 countries, their impressive roster of clients includes Bank of America, Vodafone, Fifa and Land Rover.

About Brandberries

The Brand Berries is the Middle East’s media brand delivering insights, data and content on brands with a network of contributing writers across MENA, Europe and North America.