The many people on the planet are setting a new definition of routine and space for themselves. Whether it is homeschooling, keeping fit, cooking, staying connected to family and friends and the most unusual – working from home, your home is your everyday space for your daily activities. While for some the shift is easy, there is a set of office goers who are struggling and trying to find the right work life balance. 

IKEA understands the growing difficulties of the many people and shares tips on making the best out of working from home.

Create a schedule and stick to it. 


If you are in a 9 to 6 job, make sure you stick to it. It’s not just about making sure you work a certain number of hours – it’s about maximizing the time you do have. Use a daily organiser, plan out the activities for each day and stick to a routine. With family members being around, working from home can also be distracting. To add a pinch of excitement to your day, use a memo board. SVENSÅS memo board helps keep track of notes and pin down important activities for the day. 

Locate a quiet area of your home

FJÄLLBO laptop table Dhs 175 |KULLABERG Swivel chair Dhs 131

An office at home is great, but it’s not possible for lots of people. Choose a corner of the kitchen table, a spot in the garden, your bedroom, or any other place. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, but it does have to be a distraction-free setting that isn’t used for any other purpose. You can invest in a slim, movable table like the FJÄLLBO laptop table that has a spot for your laptop, deep enough for your books and can be shifted around the house. To complete your setup, pair it with the KULLABERY Swivel chair that will keep you comfortable through the day.


Schedule breaks

MEDLEM Side Dhs 19 and IKEA 365+ Dhs 5

It is important to stretch, walk around and come back to the long due document you were working on to keep functioning through the day. Step away from your computer during your lunch break and completely disconnect. Take inspiration from restaurants and use crockery like MEDLEM Side and IKEA 365+ Goblet to serve your food. This will help you keep up the momentum and still feel as if you are dinning out. 


Setup your work desk like a you are in you would in your office space:

LISABO Desk Dhs 393 | SKÅDIS Pegboard combination Dhs 111 | KNALLBÅGE Hanging organiser Dhs 39

If you don’t have a separate office desk in your house, turn your dining table or living room into a work desk. This living room office nook has all the basics you need: a comfy seat, good lighting, and lots of storage. Make it feel more welcoming by coordinating colours and different textures with the rest of your space. Wrap your chair in your favourite throw, add a couple of plants, SKÅDIS pegboard and KNALLBÅGE hanging organiser that you can use to store papers, USBs, chargers, pens and other practical items. When work’s done, take away the chair and your LISABO desk becomes a sideboard. Portable furniture and an open airy space make it easy to turn work mode on and off.


Maximize space

PÅHL Desk with shelf unit Dhs 244

Use add-on shelves or a hutch for display, storage and a clearer worktop. If there’s room in the desk’s legs like the PÅHL Desk, use it! Mix stackable, see-through boxes with lids for easy-to-lose tiny things, and sturdy paper boxes for bigger stuff. Bonus: This child’s desk actually adjusts to adult height.


Make smart use of light

RIGGAD LED work lamp w wireless charging Dhs 345

If you can, try to set up your home office in an area that receives plenty of natural light. Besides boosting morale, there’s a scientific reason why natural light is important. Natural lighting actually improves our productivity and quality of life. If you don’t have natural light, make sure your home work space is well-lit. Besides light fixtures on ceilings or walls, invest in a multifunctional lighting like RIGGAD LEDsleek lamp that comes with a built-in wireless charger. Small lamps will help reduce eye strain and make your work space brighter.