MENA, 11th December 2023 Wavemaker MENA, part of GroupM, and Perfetti Van Melle MEAP, proudly announce a groundbreaking achievement with their latest campaign for the iconic lollipop brand, Chupa Chups. By seamlessly integrating creativity with AI technology, Chupa Chups has become the pioneer brand in transforming children’s imaginative ideas into vibrant personalized ‘lollipop worlds’.

The “AI World of Lollipops” campaign creates a captivating digital playground where children can freely express their creativity through text prompts, unleashing a world of enchantment with the swift touch of AI magic. The response has been nothing short of extraordinary –from both children and parents alike.  This success story not only marks the initial phase of an exciting campaign journey but also serves as an inspiration, sparking novel methods to forge meaningful connections between brands and consumers through AI. 

Unleashing Creativity Through AI: A Journey of Innovation

Perfetti embarked on a roadmap towards transformation under the leadership of Milad Rouhana, as Managing Director of MEAP in 2022. Since then, this key theme has resonated from brand to agency with the need and desire to be open to new opportunities and exciting ways of approaching media. Milad, together with Wavemaker MENA’s Managing Director, Marc Ghosn and their respective teams, positively provoke and challenge one another to reach new heights. This attitude runs between partners and was crucial for realizing the ‘AI World of Lollipop’s campaign.’

The creative process behind “AI World of Lollipops” began with a strategic exploration of emerging market trends, highlighting the potential of AI in brand engagement. This was followed by brainstorming sessions between the media agency and Perfetti, with the objective of bringing joy to children through inspiring them to unleash their limitless imaginations. The result: a conceptualized AI platform where children could express themselves and bring their wildest dreams to life.

The Wavemaker MENA team experimented with various AI models before selecting Stable Diffusion as their partner due to its impressive output quality and efficiency. The seamless integration of Stable Diffusion into the bespoke Chupa Chups website enabled users to type their imaginative ideas and the AI engine would translate them into a visual reality.

Metrics of Success: Beyond Expectations

The success metrics of the campaign surpassed initial expectations, with 265,000 visits to the AI platform and 86,000 personalized AI images generated in a month. In addition, through the live dashboard tracking system built by Wavemaker and Perfetti, an overwhelmingly 99% positive sentiment was achieved across social media.

One of the campaign’s standout features is its personalized touch. This level of personalization not only resonates deeply with users but has also made the images exceptionally shareable. Users have expressed great excitement in sharing their personalized creations across social media, fostering a sense of community around the campaign.

Milad Rouhana, Managing Director of Perfetti Van Melle MEAP, commented, “Together with Wavemaker MENA, we have demonstrated how tech and creativity can collaborate seamlessly to surprise and delight consumers. The success of ‘AI World of Lollipops’ has left us eager to expand this innovative campaign across other international markets, and to see where the continued excitement around it can take us.”

Marc Ghosn, Managing Director of Wavemaker MENA, added, “We take immense pride in our team’s accomplishments for “Al World of Lollipops.” The results are a true testament to the creativity and ‘next era’ thinking injected into the campaign from start to finish. Our teams lead with ‘positive provocation’, and this approach has brought true business meaning to this campaign. To make the impossible possible, you need partners ready to take the leap of faith and trial new tech and tools. We thank Perfetti for achieving greatness and look forward to reaching new milestones in our next phase of the Chupa Chups, ‘AI World of Lollipops’ journey.”