We’ve come a long way since the days of actual newspaper clippings and regular press conferences. Now we reside in a cookie-free world, pay-for-verification Tweets, onset of social media and more. 

This new world was brought forth in 2020 and has had a great impact in the way we share news, the way we communicate with one another, the platforms used and the context of all our conversations. 

Having worked in the PR industry for over a decade now, I’m comfortable with change. I’ve seen it evolve and in 2022 alone, no two days have been the same. So, this is me, penning down my preparation for 2023 and all it has to bring.

No escaping interaction

Interactive content is alive and kicking. We’re bombarded daily with polls, stickers, videos that require tap, swipe, click and engage. 

This is one I personally enjoy because it allows the reader to stay in control – News articles with interactive elements or foundations give you the liberty to read and comprehend at your own pace. 

From a digital perspective, we’ve all tried the Snapchat and Instagram filters – immersive content is ideal.

It’s reigning again; hallelujah?

No surprises here – podcasts have all and more to offer us. 

True crime podcasts are a guilty pleasure (and I know I’m not the only one) but there is, quite literally, a podcast for every mood, every requirement.

From real estate, marketing, bibliophiles all the way to a man taking a walk, providing ambient sounds and no dialogue. There’s something for everyone. This is an audio-visual medium to leverage as the world gets busier. 

Become an authority, an influence, by using this uninterrupted time to interview like-minded individuals, share insights and most importantly, attract new leads. 

I’m away, but not really.

2023 will upend attendance. 

Remote work is the future no one was looking for but we’re so glad it’s here. While office spaces have more than just a symbolic role to play in our corporate lives, the proven increase in productivity has been incomparable. 

We’re finally at a stage where ‘WFH’ and ‘hybrid work environment’ are normal terms and more importantly, they’re acceptable terms. Not only does it reduce burnout and improve work-life balance but the entire concept, when offered up as autonomy, has a very positive impact on the relationship between employee and employer. You’re trusted, you choose your workspace. 

8 billion individuals = the more, the scarier.

The PR industry is such a unique ecosystem in this day and age. It requires a bulletproof content strategy that is no longer text heavy but minimalist and message-centric. Enter the digital realm.

We’re talking about paid ads, social media inclusion and the human-interest theme. We are talking to Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Gen Y and more across a vast population. The number is phenomenal but that is increased pressure on the ability to market correctly, responsibly, accurately, sensitively and simply. 

Act responsibly. 

CSR and ESG are unique disciplines that have existed for eons. Brands must incorporate social consciousness, societal responsibility and recognise that their audience is no longer loyal without cause. 2023 must see environmental, social and governance processes at the nucleus of all communication strategies. 

Businesses (and their agencies) have a sense of responsibility to measure their impact through ESG metrics and outline a rational, sensible plan that reverses the impact in 2023.

Class over mass. 

In 2023, the era of mass pitching to media must experience obsoletion. Gone are the days of blanket bcc emails and let’s welcome quality over quantity. There is still a process of education within this new approach to measurement which requires client and agency conviction on the importance of niche marketing.

Learning publication demographics and understanding reader behaviour is more significant to the process of relevant, singular visibility than volume. 

In 2023, we focus on betterment, growth, social consciousness and relatability above all else. 

We’ve welcomed change through and through and now, it’s time for more.