Through a vocational program that will run for four months, GM will provide internships to SANAD Village students – helping build a lasting foundation to enhance inclusion in the work environment and society at large.

MIDDLE EAST, 17 November 2022 – General Motors Africa and Middle East (GM AMEO), the region’s leading automotive innovator, and SANAD Village, the region’s largest rehabilitation center for people of determination, located in The Sustainable City, Dubai, have joined forces to empower people of determination as they make their mark in the workplace. As part of the collaboration, GM AMEO will welcome SANAD Village candidates for an internship program, fostering a mutual learning experience.


In line with the UAE Government’s vision to empower people of determination and champion their integration into society, General Motors will provide internships to students from SANAD Village, at its Middle East Distribution Center. Over a duration of four months, students will have access to informative pre-training and vocational tasks based on their age, interests, and capabilities, to help empower them in the workplace and provide them hands-on experience. 

Salah Habib, CEO of Sanad Village said, “We are pleased to join hands with General Motors and strongly believe that these kinds of partnerships play a critical role in ensuring more safe spaces and comprehensive programmes tailored to meet the needs of people of determination. Partnerships like these can ultimately, further the common goal of creating truly inclusive communities where people of determination and their families are engaged and empowered.”

Monica Hernandez, Regional HR Director for GM Africa & Middle East, said, “For over 90 years now, the Middle East has been our home and we are committed to supporting its efforts towards an inclusive and resilient work environment for all. The shared vision of the UAE government and SANAD Village, is one we are completely aligned with, as we see inclusion to be an integral aspect of our corporate culture and social responsibility. In fact, our goal is to become the world’s most inclusive organization, starting by building up leaders of tomorrow for a better future. 

“We are delighted to partner with SANAD Village, enabling us to support students while giving them the right tools to unlock their full potential. We all have a part to play in understanding and embracing our differences and we need to collectively create an environment that supports everyone. We believe in the instrumental role the UAE youth can play in shaping the future of mobility we have set out to bring to life and will strive to ensure they are empowered to discover their capabilities.”

As part of SANAD’s Village vocational program, the internship is aimed at students aged 13 years old and above. Through the collaboration, the program will help strengthen GM’s commitment to inclusivity and safety, while also providing students with vast exposure to the automotive industry and insights in a potential career in mobility. Furthermore, it will continue to unleash incredible talent within GM by building a tolerant and inclusive culture. Engaging everyone in the workforce, while creating a culture where every employee can thrive.

To date, GM has held over 27 strategic partnerships, 15 collaborative events, and has hired nearly 40 aspiring students through its STEM related programs since 2016. Over the last few months, GM AMEO has partnered with SEDRA Foundation to foster coaching efforts for participating employees as part of their Youth Talent Club initiative. GM AMEO also run annual hybrid internship program, where university and college students in the UAE are given the opportunity to work closely on new and exciting projects throughout the year. 

GM’s emphasis on youth programs seeks to foster economic growth and sustainability among communities in the region and worldwide, and through initiatives such as its partnership with SANAD Village, will continue to expand the inclusive outcomes of this vision.