A unique high-caliber platform of leadership and connectedness bringing together regional female leaders across the GCC

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesNovember 16, 2022—Bain & Company, the leading global management consulting firm is inaugurating the Middle East Women Leadership Forum, titled ‘Go Boldly: Bring Your Future Forward’, in Riyadh on November 23 and 24, 2022. It is the first high-caliber platform of leadership and connectedness bringing together regional female leaders across the GCC, to support them in achieving their full potential, learning from one another, and celebrating different models of success.


The forum is a new program launched by Bain & Company where an annual cohort of exceptional female leaders in the Middle East can connect, share experiences, and learn. During the event and throughout the year, members will have access to capability-building and leadership modules, as well as connectedness, mentorship and coaching opportunities, and experience sharing. 

Anne-Laure Malauzat, Partner and Chief Diversity Officer of Bain & Company Middle East, added: “It is no secret that diverse and inclusive workplaces, at all levels of leadership, deliver the best results. Bain & Company’s research shows that men and women have consistent motivations when it comes to work, across factors like financial orientation and connectedness. However, the reality on-the-ground is that women still remain scarce in top leadership roles today: they held fewer than 5% of CEO roles globally in 2020 and this is also reflected in the GCC region with less than ~2% of women sitting on boards.

As part of the program, participants will have access to a range of offerings to support them in their leadership journey. Such as:

  • Mentorship and Coaching – Access to mentors and leadership coaches to work on both personal and professional development
  • Capability-building Sessions – to support the participants on their path to leadership 
  • Quarterly Speakers and Connectedness Series – organized by Bain & Company, to reinforce allyship and inspiration

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a top priority for Bain as part of our internal culture, in our work with our clients, and across all countries and communities we operate in. We hire a highly-diverse set of people with exceptional talents, abilities, and potential and create a collaborative environment where people can become the best version of themselves,” said Tom De Waele, Bain & Company’s Middle East Managing Partner.

Lise Abi Jaoude, Senior Manager and lead of the Middle East Women Leadership Forum added: “This year, we are honored to be inaugurating the Middle East Women Leadership Forum. We have selected an exceptional group of leaders to join us in this first edition to foster connectedness and learning. Our aspiration is to create a supportive and collaborative community that can empower leaders of the current and next generation.”