Dubai, UAE, 9 May 2024: Al Habtoor Motors, the sole distributor of JAC Motors in the UAE has unveiled its latest fleet of JAC commercial vehicles, setting new benchmarks for reliability, versatility, and innovation in the country’s commercial vehicle segment.

The launch event, held at the Al Habtoor Grand Resort, showcased a range of light and heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles, highlighting the latest innovations in the commercial vehicles sector to company delegates and key stakeholders.

The induction of the Heavy-Duty trucks compliments the existing range of light commercial vehicles like the Sunray & M4 minibuses and cargo vans as well as the light trucks, which are already popular in this market.

Among the new vehicles showcased were the PROMATE 2049 and WORKMATE 4146, each manufactured with exceptional attention to details, to meet the specific needs of various commercial industries, operating in the UAE.

Featuring spacious cabs, newly designed ergonomic dashboards and air suspensions fitted in each vehicle, these interior additions ensure a comfortable driving experience, even on long journeys, minimizing driver fatigue.

In terms of performance, all these vehicles have been equipped with powerful and technically advanced engines and latest transmissions, capable of serving several different applications and in the harshest conditions, whilst still maintaining both reliability and excellent fuel efficiency. The vehicles also excel in their loading capabilities to transport several tons of materials with absolute ease.

Specially curated for the UAE market, these vehicles have been designed to enhance reliability and enable them to handle various weather and terrain conditions with effortless ease. With their robust structures and build quality, safety and efficiency have been optimized to allow for the greatest results in all manners of work.

Karim Maksoud, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors, stated: “JAC Motors is renowned for its reliability and has proven to be an exceptional partner for Al Habtoor Motors. The advent of this latest range of Heavy Duty Vehicles, represents a significant leap forward in our commercial vehicles offerings in the market and advancement in technology. These vehicles are not just modes of transportation; they are innovations tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries across the UAE. Every aspect has been engineered to enhance performance and reliability, ultimately benefiting sectors such as construction, logistics and transportation.”

With this new launch, JAC Motors solidifies its position as the leading Chinese commercial vehicle exporter, creating trust-worthy solutions for clients in the UAE and worldwide.