Brands are experiencing post COVID revenge shopping, e-commerce binges, digitized transactions, the world of the METAVERSE, it feels simple to predict brand trends in 2023.The same brands are coping with the EXPO hangover and will need to pierce the noise post the FIFA fiesta.

These predictions are in a way cliché. Digitizing retail, enhancing consumer experiences so they are beyond transactional, experiential and phygital mix of products and services are already  the norm. Social Media content is changing, the way we consume it, interact with it, advertise it. 

Whilst brands will definitely echo further enhancement in retail experience, e-commerce, travel and leisure. In a cashless society, facilitating experiences through technology and innovation will be a given. 

The world is evolving fast. Consumer behavior and journeys are changing at the speed of the next Tik Tok trend. The MENA region is booming with so much potential despite a shaky economic crisis globally. The world is watching the MENA region – how they are investing in data, technology, people, knowledge, space programs, where the power of “a vision” is beyond the power of oil. NEOM, the Mars Program and Green Hydrogen are among many other programs and economic opportunities.  The region has so much potential for growth and the visionary leaders are investing in massive, purposeful projects and way of life. Brands in MENA will be trend setters, with power, and clear path to support them.

Brands will move at the same speed as Gen Z, a generation that does not play by the book. They are informed, motivated, passionate, impatient and organized. Gen Z are now in our workforce, enforcing their ethical compass on brand visions and purpose. The world has its first Gen Z member of Congress in the United States. Gen Z will demand and not comply. and they want their voices to be heard and their opinions to be respected.

And brands are listening… Sustainability, Environmental, Social, and Governance will be key to any well-respected brand. MENA region is leading the conversation towards a greener economy. And brands will be influenced by what consumers are demanding. MENA region has fantastical futuristic projects that will touch every economy – on a global scale. Setting precedent in prioritizing the environment and demanding a balanced economy. Protecting the environment will be integral – governments are leading the conversation and the private sector is investing.

Profit and consumer needs will always be at the heart of brands, but their values will pay the green tax. A brand that needs to stay relevant needs an ethical purposeful existence.  CEOs and CMOs understand the importance of a brand that is respected and loved. Sustainability and supporting greener solutions for the environment are a logical way of growing and thriving – be it for consumers, nations or brands.

Sustainability is not a luxury. The environment has paid a heavy price and brands will be expected to be on the right side of history.