Lebanon, February 6, 2023 – Tide, the leading brand in laundry care, has taken the initiative to brighten up the streets of Lebanon with its new “Brightening Billboards.” In the midst of the country’s electricity crisis, Tide aimed to bring not just bright clothes but also brighten up the mood of the Lebanese people.

Developed by Leo Burnett Beirut, the Brightening Billboards have been transformed from regular billboards by day to bright sources of light by night, providing a much-needed source of light in the darkened streets. This subtle statement of defiance against the current situation has brought a glimmer of hope to neighborhoods across the capital. Charbel Abou Jreich, Associate Creative Director, Leo Burnett Beirut said: ‘The idea came from the sad reality of having digital billboards be the only potential light sources in the streets. So, we hijacked these billboards to project Tide’s brilliant white, lighting the darkest and busiest streets of Beirut with the maximum brightness possible.’


For the first time in the region, ‘a billboard has been transformed from a communication media into a tool for good’, says Abou Jreich. “It stands as a beacon of hope in otherwise dark and uncertain times, proving that advertising can be a force for positive change. To maximise the campaign’s impact, our aim was to cover key intersections with high traffic, streets that usually attract pedestrians, as well as neighborhoods with small shops. Through this, we managed to provide a sense of security for all – pedestrians, drivers, and business owners. The billboards, which alternated with other ads during the day, became exclusive to Tide starting at 7 P.M. each evening, providing a constant source of light for the surrounding streets.

This innovative solution not only brings a sense of security to the people of Lebanon, but it also reawakens the debate on the basic human rights and necessities that every individual deserves. Safe and well-lit streets are a basic requirement for any community, and Tide’s Brightening Billboards serve as a reminder of this important issue.

The Brightening Billboards campaign ran for more than two weeks, bringing hope and light to the people of Lebanon. Residents have already noticed a positive impact from the Brightening Billboards, with testimonials such as “It has made our road journeys safer,” “I feel less frightened walking on the roads,” and “The light we need at the end of this pitch-black tunnel.”

Tide’s Brightening Billboards are a testament to the power of creativity and the importance of addressing basic human needs, a reminder that in tough times, it’s the little things that can make a big difference. Tide remains committed to providing not just bright clothes but also bright moments to the people. 

Manal Naji, Regional Creative Director, Leo Burnett Beirut summarises it simply: ‘Tide stands for brightening the everyday, so it simply inspired to light up people’s dark nights. We took advantage of an already existing network of LED screens, turning them into torches that lit up the busiest streets of Beirut, at a time where private initiatives are making all the difference.’