About Wajeeha Al Husseini, Communications Director of Umniah Mobile Company

Wajeeha Al-Husseini currently holds the position of Umniah Mobile Company, Director of communications, overseeing branding, advertising, and corporate communication of one of Jordan’s leading telecom operators. Under Wajeeha’s leadership, Umniah was able to execute and deliver many successful marketing and communication campaigns, the latest of which is the launch of Umniah’s sustainability program.

A dynamic and driven leader with over 25 years of extensive knowledge in branding, advertising and corporate communication marketing coupled with a creative mindset for developing branding campaigns and product launches. Wajeeha also has a solid history of campaign successes, with a proven track record in directing corporate branding development and safeguarding corporate reputations, enhancing brand health as well as developing effective communication campaigns.

In addition to mastering her career and delivering quality campaigns and branding concepts, Wajeeha is a proud mother of two and an avid sports enthusiast and player. 

About her thoughts for the industry

2022 continued to be a challenging year for telecom operators in Jordan especially after the change in consumer mindset in the wake of the Coronavirus. We were able to successfully launch new products and services that elevated the overall consumer experience, while ensuring that our carbon footprint and the negative impact our industry has on the environment is minimal. By establishing Umniah as a brand with a purpose, we were able to engrave Umniah in the hearts and minds of our consumers.

2023 brings on a whole set of new challenges as Jordan is now gearing up to introduce 5G technologies. It is our chance to enhance consumer perception and enable consumers with the latest technologies that the country has to offer while keeping our promise in offering the most affordable services with the latest technology. 

Looking closely at the telecom industry in Jordan, we have come leaps and bounds in the past years in terms of women representation – be it giving more women a seat at the table or spotlighting new ways of working across generations. We are proud to have around 30% female representation in Umniah’s workforce. The diversity we are witnessing today will play a major role in creating equality and encouraging more and more females in the workplace. The possibilities are endless, and it is very interesting to be witnessing these major changes and the evolution of the telecom sector in Jordan, as we continue to push innovation within the industry at an accelerated pace.