About Lynn Fattouh, Senior Marketing Manager at Spotify MENA  

Lynn Fattouh is Spotify’s Senior Marketing Manager for the Middle East and North Africa. Lynn oversees all consumer-facing marketing communications, from activations to ATL campaigns. Since joining Spotify in 2018, Lynn has been instrumental in conceptualizing, developing, executing and managing campaigns focused on Brand and Artist Marketing. As a result, she has contributed immensely to growing Spotify’s brand awareness throughout the region. 

Before joining Spotify, Lynn had a successful career spanning nearly ten years in leading regional creative agencies. She was part of the client servicing, project management and business development team—some of the agencies on her portfolio include Saatchi & Saatchi and MullenLowe MENA.

Alongside her corporate experience, Lynn is an Arab Hip Hop recording artist who has performed on stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including The Gorillaz and Snoop Dogg. Lynn continues to be passionate about creating platforms and opportunities for Arab women artists to be heard and recognized.

About her thoughts for the industry

The pursuit of self-expression

I will always remember my first time on stage as a 16-year-old Arab teenager pursuing my dream of becoming an artist. It was not just about being an artist but also about finding self-expression and being heard.

Fast forward to today: as a marketing specialist at Spotify, the world’s most popular audio brand, I work day in and day out to bring authenticity and self-expression to our work in a world where everything is abundant. The question is always: how can we set ourselves apart from the noise while truly reflecting our audience’s journey, both listeners and creators?

The intersection of innovation and meaningful connections

At Spotify, we are driven by innovation, constantly reimagining new creative ideas and creating moments that deepen connections between creators and listeners. Our approaches include creative storytelling, experiential interactions, and celebrating local cultural moments and artists on a global scale. We always aim to forge new connections, whether it be a new fan or a new song.

Every day, millions of Spotify users discover songs or podcasts created by someone they’ve never heard before. These discoveries drive everything we do, and users tell us they find something new they love on Spotify every day. Leveraging this power of Spotify’s discovery, we also meaningfully create spaces for underrepresented groups to shine a light on their stories. One such initiative is EQUAL Arabia, our always-on program that highlights Arab women artists, both established and emerging, throughout the year. In its first year, the program generated over 80 million streams and Arab women featured in the program are being heard in countries like France, USA, and Germany. Once again, new discoveries, new connections, and new fans.

Her advice to fellow marketers 

As a marketer, I advise the industry to avoid simply riding waves and jumping on trends to appear relevant. You’re much more likely to be noticed by actively contributing to positive change. If you’re invested in culture, leading by example rather than following the crowd is key. Over the coming years, I’d love to see more brands capture the true essence of youth culture, showcasing its beauty and power. In today’s age, if a brand makes a mistake, people will quickly point it out on social media. So, we must remain flexible, agile, and always connected. Listening closely to what the younger generation wants and communicating using their language is crucial.