About Nassima El Mounfalouti, Deputy General Manager of CX and innovation, INFINITI Middle East

I am a French-Moroccan CX leader and marketer with 16 years of experience in communications, strategy management and consumer insights who’s passionate about inclusivity. 

I’ve worked with global advertisers on media and communications planning, advertising, and cross-channel marketing initiatives. 

I’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Kering Group, Swarovski, Volkswagen Group, Dell, Findus, Procter & Gamble, and more.

My journey began in London, where I served as a researcher in media agencies handling accounts such as Nokia, VW, Bulgari, and P&G. I then moved to my home country in  Paris, where I managed luxury accounts (Kering, Swarovski) and FMCG (Ferrero) working in the international departments where I built and handled media guidelines for 360 marketing campaigns, identified sales contributors with Marketing Mix Modelling. It was here that I honed my skills in assessing local media strategy and identifying key opportunities to optimize campaigns.

In 2017, I arrived in Dubai to lead the BMW Group account in the Middle East, giving me a deep understanding of the market dynamics. From there, I moved to INFINITI  as Marketing Deputy General Manager and was recently promoted to DGM of CX and innovation. In this role, I oversee all aspects of customer experience and innovation for the brand, ensuring that INFINITI remains at the forefront of the industry.

When I’m not working, I’m a proud mother of two little toddlers who bring me immeasurable joy.

About her thoughts for the industry

As a woman working in the automotive sector in the Middle East, I have seen the industry undergo significant changes over the years. With the first quarter of 2023 already underway, the focus on customer experience (CX) has become a crucial factor for the success of businesses, and diversity and inclusion have taken on even greater significance. 

The automotive industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but there has been a notable shift in recent years, with more women entering the sector and taking on leadership roles. This increase in diversity brings fresh perspectives and ideas to the industry, which can help companies better understand and meet the needs of their customers. 

In today’s competitive marketplace, delivering exceptional CX has become increasingly important for businesses to differentiate themselves and attract and retain customers.  

One key factor that can drive CX success is diversity. 

Diversity brings different perspectives and experiences to the table, which can lead to more creative and innovative solutions. In the automotive industry, this means that a diverse team can better understand and meet the needs of diverse customer groups, such as women, millennials, and those from different cultural backgrounds.

One notable example is obviously Mary Barra who was appointed as CEO of General Motors in 2014, this was historic because she was the first woman to lead a major global automaker. Her appointment signalled a new perspective and direction for the automotive industry, under Barra’s leadership, General Motors has emphasized the importance of innovation and technology, investing heavily in electric and autonomous vehicles. She has been credited with transforming GM’s corporate culture and improving the company’s reputation.

Moreover, diverse teams can be more empathetic and better equipped to provide personalized solutions. For example, having more women on a team can help a company understand and cater to the unique needs of female customers, who may have different priorities and preferences when it comes to car buying and maintenance. 

Diversity can also help companies avoid the pitfalls of groupthink, where a group of individuals with similar backgrounds and experiences can inadvertently overlook certain perspectives and ideas. By embracing diversity and fostering an inclusive culture, companies can encourage new and diverse ideas to surface and contribute to their CX strategies. 

In 2023, we can expect the CX landscape in the automotive industry to become even more diverse, with more women and people from diverse backgrounds contributing to the business.

Here are some predictions for the future of CX in the automotive industry: 

Greater focus on inclusivity 

As more women and people from diverse backgrounds enter the automotive sector, there will be a greater focus on inclusivity. Companies will need to ensure that their CX strategies and processes are inclusive and take into account the diverse needs and perspectives of their customers. This will require a concerted effort to build diverse teams and cultivate a culture of inclusivity. 

Innovative solutions to meet customer needs 

Diversity and inclusion can drive innovation, and we can expect to see more innovative solutions emerge in 2023 as a result. Women and people from diverse backgrounds can bring unique perspectives to problem-solving, which can lead to new and creative solutions to meet customer needs. This can help companies differentiate themselves from competitors and gain a competitive advantage. 

Increased emphasis on empathy 

Empathy is a crucial component of CX, and we can expect to see more emphasis on this in the coming years. Women are often seen as more empathetic than men, and as more women enter the automotive industry, we can expect to see a greater focus on empathy in CX strategies. This can help companies build stronger relationships with their customers and drive loyalty and growth. 

In conclusion, diversity and inclusion are critical components of CX in the automotive industry and beyond. By cultivating diverse teams and promoting an inclusive culture, companies can drive innovation and provide exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth.  

As a woman in the industry, I am hopeful and excited about the contributions that women and people from diverse backgrounds can make to the industry, and I look forward to seeing how the industry evolves in the years ahead.