The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for everyone. Between a complete change in lifestyle, businesses digitalising their processes, travel restrictions and border shutdowns, the only thing remaining constant is the importance of digital now more than ever. Digital content and digital services are now everyone’s safety net; helping them adapt to this new temporary lifestyle. Kijami- a regional leading digital agency in MENA, therefore, has created a report to share their insights and more information about the effect of COVID-19 on the digital world in MENA.

Commenting on the report, Bassem El Hady, Kijamii’s Founder and CEO, said: “I’d like to believe that, until we emerge from this crisis, we could continue to see the upside of the current situation and embrace the innovations that were inspired by this pandemic. This digital transformation is exciting. In Kijamii, we have shifted all our operations online. This has given us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and to put all the skills, experience and know-how we have been acquiring the past years to test. It’s also refreshing to see the constant changes and how institutions and organizations are now exploring something we’ve believed in for years; the digital world and the huge potential it brings.”

Commenting on the report, Bahy Abo El Ezz, Kijamii’s Co-Founder and COO, said: “The digital world is crazy and extremely fast paced. And during this outbreak, it is even crazier and faster. We are talking about a global crisis that took its toll on the whole world; forcing people to change their daily routines, reset their priorities and adopt different spending habits. So all this does, most definitely, have an effect on digital services, businesses and people’s online behavior. And it is crucial that we observe and monitor such changes. Which is why we hope to roll out more reports like this one and to constantly educate ourselves on the digital trends and updates so that we can provide relevant and insightful data.”

You can download the full report below