About Injeel Moti | Founder & Managing Director, Catch Communications 

Injeel is a communications and brand reputation expert with 10 years of work experience across the GCC region. Throughout the span of her decade long career, she has guided clients on brand strategy, media planning, having led multi-channel campaigns across Public Relations, social media & influencer marketing verticals. 

Communications, both a passion of hers and the driving force in her career, Injeel works closely with her clients, both brands and independents to hone their communication skills. Through the educational wing of the business, Catch Academy, she conducts trainings for business owners as well as MARCOM professionals in the region to train on new-age marketing verticals, and shares her experience on harnessing the power of effective marketing to grow & support businesses, brands & individuals who are passionate about personal growth. 

About her thoughts for the industry

I like to believe we are living in very exciting times, the public relations (PR) industry in the MENA region is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, as the region continues to attract investment and businesses seek to expand their presence in the region. We are also witnessing a lot of specialist integration in the space, individuals across the MARCOM industry are upskilling to have proficiency across a range of functions. 

There is also a growing trend towards localization in the MENA communications industry. Many businesses are recognizing the importance of creating content and services that are tailored to local consumers and their unique cultural preferences. This has led to the growth of local content creators and the emergence of new digital platforms that cater specifically to the MENA region.

I have seen storytelling take front stage in a lot of conversations around campaign planning this year, more than ever before which is very encouraging. 

Effective storytelling is becoming increasingly important in the PR industry in MENA, as companies seek to connect with audiences and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Comms professionals & marketeers are developing more creative and engaging ways to tell stories, such as through multimedia content, experiential marketing, and influencer partnerships.

Throw in the cosmopolitan mix of nationalities & blended creativity, which is unique to this region, the outlook for the PR industry in MENA is quite positive, with strong demand for PR services and increasing opportunities for innovation and growth. The industry is likely to continue to evolve rapidly, as businesses seek to adapt to the changing needs and expectations of consumers and stakeholders in the region.

An evolution I am both thrilled to be a part of and excited to see develop!