About Razan Akrouk, Chief People Officer at GMG

Razan Akrouk is the newly appointed Chief People Officer at GMG, a global well-being company with a diverse portfolio spanning sports, consumer goods, health and beauty, properties, and logistics. In her new role, Razan oversees the delivery of the employer brand experience from end to end while also being responsible for Brand, Culture & Sustainability functions. By demonstrating an in-depth understanding of GMG’s values and culture, Razan is focused on building a team that is continuously working on creating an employer-of-choice brand.

From her beginnings in marketing for sports to her more recent contributions to corporate communications and sustainability, Razan has consistently worked towards building GMG’s brand equity and fostering a positive work environment.

About her thoughts on the industry

Reflecting on our industry’s current landscape, I firmly advocate for the pivotal role that diversity plays in fostering organisational success. A recent study from the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) underscores this conviction, revealing a 19% boost in innovation revenue for companies with diverse management teams.

Additionally, I also strongly believe in technology’s capacity to shape a future-ready workforce, enhance employee engagement, and address the challenges of today’s dynamic work. Over the years, GMG has strategically invested in technology, positioning us uniquely to drive the future of retail. Our commitment to innovative digital solutions becomes paramount in this digital era, where consumer experiences are increasingly immersive, personalised, and customer-centric.

In today’s interconnected world, successful global expansion hinges not only on market reach but also on nurturing a cohesive organizational culture that embraces diversity. Investing in our workforce is about instilling a deep-rooted belief in empowerment, fostering loyalty, and propelling sustained growth.

GMG has gone beyond industry benchmarks in creating equal opportunities for women and men in all aspects of the business, fostering an environment favourable for everyone to thrive, and launching initiatives like mentorship programs, leadership training, and fair pay policies. We actively champion women’s advancement and drive positive change in the organisation.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, GMG launched its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiative, “EmpowHer,” a testament to our commitment to advancing gender parity across all operations. I am proud of our work on EmpowHer to help build a team dedicated to creating an employer-of-choice brand and fostering an inclusive organizational culture.

EmpowHer is a milestone that signifies GMG’s four-decadecommitment and dedication to providing opportunities for career advancement, leadership development, mentorship programs, pay parity, and promoting an inclusive workplace culture. The initiative will feature EmpowHer circles, led by DE&I champions, to drive mentorship, encourage mentorship, conduct gender bias awareness training, leverage data to inform decision-making, and track progress.

To women, especially those embarking on their careers, my advice is simple: “If you aspire to pursue a career, you can—whether as a mother, businesswoman, or human. Acknowledge your identity as a woman; it may demand extra effort, but never doubt your capabilities. Embrace the challenges, work diligently, and trust your ability to succeed.”