Who is a Nano Influencer? A Nano influencer is someone between 1k- 5K followers. They could basically be any of your popular friends on Instagram that have great content and is racking up likes . They usually have an interest in a specific area/field that is of interest to them and their followers.

As we have approached 2019, brands have been more aware of the Small following, Big Influencer concept.

Concept of using Mega influencers has changed with the changing of algorithms and other factors as brands have become more aware that quality is better than quantity.

So what is it about Nano influencers that makes them the new trend ?

  • They probably never worked with a brand before which makes whatever content they post more credible than an influencer who has lots of brand collaborations per month.
  • They might not even require to be paid  or little compensation if they haven’t worked with any brands before.  
  • They probably have NO or minimal Fake followers : most of their followers are real who are interested in their content and engage frequently.
  • More creative content : because they really want create impact and engagement , they will take the time to create content that stand outs and is unique .
  • Higher engagement Rates: they have much higher engagement  rates than well-established influencers .A survey by Digiday found that Nano influencers are able to create an engagement  up to 8.7% while a celebrity with more than a million will most likely reach an engagement rate of 1.7 %.

So how can you find Nano influencers and who can help you?

  • There are lots of specialized agencies now that have access to Nano influencers like InHype or brand Ripplr that are based in Dubai who can help brands identify the right profile based on your brand.
  • There is also Taskspotting which is an activation platform that will  activate the influencer of real consumers via creating advocacy campaigns using real consumers reviews on Facebook.
  • It is very important to work hand in hand with your PR agency to develop  concept and Big idea as well identifying relevant key trend setters in each market  that can act as Nano influencers.