The innovative Android-based banner serves as a visual representation of the Chevrolet Bolt EV’s impressive 520km range on a single charge

DUBAI – Recognizing that electric vehicle range anxiety is still very much present in UAE consumers’ minds, Chevrolet set out to bring the Bolt EV’s segment leading driving range, of up to 520km (NEDC) on a single charge, to life. Creating the first-ever 520km long digital banner, the brand used innovative Android-based technologies to interactively demonstrate the Bolt EV’s long-range capabilities.

Converting kilometers into pixels – 1,965,379,091.39 pixels to be exact – Chevrolet designed a mobile experience challenging Android users to compete for prizes by tapping and driving their virtual Bolt EV car down the 520km long scrolling digital banner until they reached the ‘finish line’.

Embedded across various UAE websites, it took Android users five hours and a half of continuous scrolling to reach the end of the banner – not an easy feat! Throughout the 2 week campaign, users spent 852 hours (35.5 days) on the banner and made 1,525,348 finger scrolls down the road, a visual representation of the Bolt EV’s impressive range which helped put range-anxiety to bed. 

Shaji Jacob was the very first person to complete the mobile banner drive, making him Chevrolet’s Grand Prize Winner.

Winning a one-night stay at the Intercontinental Fujairah for two, Shaji also got the chance to test the Bolt EV’s range out for himself on the road to Fujairah and he said:”The Bolt EV’s performance was impressive! Although I admit being a little nervous driving an electric vehicle for such a long distance at the beginning, the drive turned out to be smooth and the car took us to Fujairah and back easily on a single charge.”

The Bolt EV is Chevrolet’s first electric vehicle in the region – built around a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the largest in its class in the Middle East, the Bolt EV’s range capabilities have been put to the test in real-world conditions across regional and global markets. For specific market details, availability and test drive bookings, please contact your local dealer.