CAIRO- 29 September 2022: The leading digital platform in broadcasting and producing Arab entertainment content, WATCH IT, announced the launch of its documentary series titled “Om El Donya” (Motherland).

“Om El Donya” is the first documentary series that will narrate the tale of the Egyptian civilizations from the beginning of history to the present.

The documentary series, which consists of 15 episodes, narrates in a simple and humanistic framework the long history of Egypt from its beginning to the modern era.


“Om El Donya” begins by tracing the development of the ancient Egyptian man from about twenty thousand years ago, moving to the unification of the two lands, the era of building the pyramids, the First and Second Intermediate Period of Egypt, Hyksos kings, and the prosperity of the kings of the modern Egyptian Kingdom and ends by the reign of Cleopatra and the end of the dynastic period.

The documentary series will present the historical material in an advanced way to link its scenes with essential figures in Egyptian history and will add to the recorded material a human and artistic dimension that will use for the first time in narrating the history of Egypt. 

WATCH IT commented, “We realize that the history of Egypt cannot be limited to the ancient Egyptian period only so that the second season will follow the first one. The second one will focus on the Coptic, Islamic and modern history of Egypt, for WATCH IT to become the first to present documentary series tailor-made to preserve the whole Egyptian heritage in the form of visual material that is accessible to everyone in a modern entertaining way that befits our great civilization and history.”

A committee that houses a large number of Egyptologists and acclaimed historians participated in the making of the documentary series, along with a committee of specialists from different fields to review all the information and historical contexts contained in the series to ensure the presentation of a documentary series that chronicles the history of Egypt through all civilizations. 

Om El Donya is also part of a large project adopted by WATCH IT platform to produce professional and scientific documentaries about Egypt.

Om El Donya, presented by Egyptian star Sawsan Badr, will narrate throughout its episodes. In addition to Dr. Yasmine El-Shazly, who has a Ph.D. in Egyptology from Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America, and Dr. Sahar Selim, Professor of Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, who is a member of the mummy project of the Ministry of Tourism and antiquities. Also, the documentary will host Dr. Mustafa Muhammad al-Saghir, Director General of Karnak Antiquities and General Supervisor of the Rams Road, Egyptologist and Historian Dr. Hourig Sourouzian, a corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute, member of ICOMOS Armenia, specializing in Egyptian art and mainly Egyptian sculpture. She also runs the “Restoration Project of the Temple of Memnon and Amenhotep III” in Luxor under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and the German Archaeological Institute.

“Om El Donya” documentary series is written and directed by Mahmoud Rashad and will be streamed weekly, every Thursday on WATCH IT’s application and website.

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WATCH IT has played a significant role since its establishment in enriching its library by providing catchy content from movies, TV Shows &programs, as well as plays, which led to attracting millions of users globally with its high-end content.

At the end of 2021, WATCH IT began expanding in producing original content with the expansion of the process of acquiring various Arab and non-Arab content.

WATCH IT aims to provide specially selected content suitable for all family members worldwide, as the platform is keen to provide diverse and different content that satisfies all tastes and categories with a commitment to preserve Egyptian and Arab identity.