05 August, 2018 – Earlier this summer, Finish the leading dishwasher detergent brand launched a first of its kind – a contextual marketing digital campaign. It hinged around the love women have for cooking for their loved ones during the month of Ramadan & contrastingly, the hate they have for the dirty dishes this cooking creates.

The 100% digital campaign targeting Saudi women was based on insights that their search for recipes spiked by 50% during the Holy month of Ramadan as they loved to cook for their loved ones; it holds special meaning to them. However, like every love story, there’s always a villain. In this case, it’s the dirty dishes. Why? They’re what stand between her and what she loves to do after Iftar! And so the Love Cooking/Hate Dishwashing Campaign was launched with this big idea.

The campaign revolved around their hero asset, a 6 second unskippable bumper showcasing the most searched Ramadan dishes, followed by the question “Love cooking, Hate Dishwashing?’ and proposes a solution – a dishwasher, prompting the start of the user journey towards a purchase. Through data management and retargeting and the support of influencer marketing, Finish was able to provide the user with the right information to make that purchase decision.

“Finish is on a journey of building awareness & relevance for dishwashers leveraging relevant occasions, one of which is Ramadan. Ramadan was a step in this direction and the connection between Ramadan, food and dirty dishes is obvious. Finish really outdid itself in building relevance for the auto dish category in a month where consumers have only ever thought of food”, said Kapil Bose, Regional Category Marketing Manager, Reckitt Benckiser.

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