• Includes practical tips, creative ideas, and engaging activities to live more sustainably
  • Cover page designed by celebrated Emirati talent, Abdulla Lutfi

United Arab Emirates, 2 June 2023 – In a bid to promote eco-consciousness among families, Taqeef, the visionary behind desert cooling systems, has unveiled an exciting Sustainability Handbook for Families in celebration of World Environment Day and the UAE’s Year of Sustainability.


With a cover page designed by talented Emirati artist of determination, Abdulla Lutfi, the handbook is packed with practical tips to reduce energy consumption while infusing sustainable practices into every aspect of how families live, work, and play. For the younger ones, it also incorporates engaging activities for kids, designed to educate and inspire them about sustainability in a fun and interactive way.

Insightful contributions include how to compost at home from the Waste Lab, an innovative startup dedicated to transforming food scraps into valuable solutions. Crimson Education, a renowned global college admissions consultancy, provides a curated list of 10 degree programs that aspiring students can pursue for a rewarding career with a positive environmental impact.

The handbook also highlights simple steps to embrace conscious cooling at home, shedding light on energy star ratings for electronic products, all shared by Taqeef’s team of engineering experts. By embracing these simple steps, families can make a significant difference in preserving our planet for future generations.

Tariq Al Ghussein, Chairman and CEO of Taqeef, said, “Across the UAE and the world, environmental and climate awareness plays an increasingly vital role. Our choices today have a profound impact on our children, communities, and the planet. So, as we stride forward into the future, let’s ensure that the footprints we leave behind are small ones, for both present and future generations.”

Joining the cause, Zahra Lari, the celebrated Emirati figure skating champion and Taqeef’s brand ambassador, added, “In today’s world, it’s crucial to understand that small changes can create enormous impacts. I’ve witnessed this firsthand in my own personal journey and within my relationship with my sport—it has been a game-changer time and time again.”

To read and download a copy of the Sustainability Handbook for Families, visit https://shop.taqeef.com