In the vibrant streets of Kuwait, Audi unveils a captivating tale of progress, stirring the deepest emotions and igniting a sense of wonder. Audi Kuwait has embarked on a remarkable campaign that goes beyond traditional product-focused approaches. “Stories of Progress” is a campaign highlighting meaningful customer stories and their experiences with the Audi brand in Kuwait. This captivating initiative showcases the diverse customer segments within the Audi brand, paralleling their journeys with the brand’s own progress. 


The core of the campaign lies in a series of captivating videos featuring a range of different customers and their stories with the brand. Each customer represents a unique market segment, providing a diverse representation of the customer base in Kuwait. 

The Stories of Progress campaign highlights the diverse customer experiences and a parallel representation of Audi’s own progress. The campaign showcases the shift from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to Electric Vehicles (EVs), with one of the stories highlighting the Audi e-tron Sportback. By aligning customer narratives with the brand’s evolution, Audi Kuwait demonstrates its commitment to innovation and sustainability, further solidifying its position as a progressive automotive brand.


Following the initial customer videos, the campaign continues with a focus on the Audi RS e-tron GT. This phase seamlessly continues the Story of Progress, illustrating Audi’s transition towards electric vehicles. Through this cohesive narrative, Audi Kuwait emphasises its dedication to staying at the forefront of automotive advancements,  and providing customers with cutting-edge technology and performance.

The Stories of Progress campaign features a group of remarkable individuals who have formed emotional connections with the Audi brand. Here are snapshots of the inspiring customer stories featured in the campaign:

Abdullah Al-Khashan, a proud owner of an Audi RS 6 Avant and customer since 2013, epitomises the passion and loyalty of Audi Sport enthusiasts. As a supervisor in the Kuwait Oil Company, he represents the Audi Sport customer segment and showcases the brand’s appeal to professionals seeking exhilarating performance. With an impressive collection that includes the RS 6 Avant, Q5, and Q7, Abdullah’s commitment to Audi is unwavering.

Faisal Al-Shiba’s story embodies the shift toward sustainable mobility. Since 2012, Faisal has transitioned from owning an Audi Q7 to an Audi e-tron Sportback, embracing the future of electric vehicles. As a retiree, he represents a different age range of Audi customers, demonstrating the brand’s ability to captivate individuals across generations. 

Hamad Al-Dalali’s journey with Audi is rooted in his passion for performance and engineering excellence. A mechanical engineer by degree, Hamad has owned several Audi Sport vehicles since 2016 and even participated in exhilarating Gulf Run events. His ownership of the Audi TT RS showcases his appreciation for precision and dynamic driving experiences. 

Mohammed Mirza’s extensive history with Audi spans multiple vehicles and decades since 1996. As an engineer, known photographer, and automotive enthusiast, Mohammed embodies the spirit of progressive and creativity associated with the Audi brand. His collection includes the Audi RS 3 Sedan, A6, Q5, and Q8, reflecting his diverse needs and appreciation for Audi’s versatility. 

Mohammed’s story exemplifies the enduring relationship between Audi and those who demand exceptional performance, technological sophistication, and timeless design.

Mariam Al-Bisher, a loyal Audi owner since 2012, showcases the brand’s ability to cater to diverse lifestyles. Working as a nutritionist in the Ministry of Health, Mariam relies on her Audi A6 Sedan for her day-to-day. Her high-mileage journey symbolises Audi’s reliability and durability, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. 


Reem Ibrahim, an engineer by profession, is a devoted Audi owner planning to upgrade to a new Audi Q5. Her current Audi Q5 has been serving as a trusted companion for daily commutes and site visits since 2015, reflecting Audi’s ability to combine performance and practicality. 

Audi Kuwait’s Stories of Progress campaign stands out in the realm of automotive marketing by highlighting meaningful customer stories and paralleling their journeys with the brand’s own progress. By showcasing diverse customer segments and emphasising the transition to electric vehicles, Audi reaffirms its position as a leading brand in innovation and customer-centricity. The campaign is a testament to the enduring relationships Audi fosters with its customers in Kuwait, setting new standards for the automotive industry. 

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