October 19th, Dubai, UAE – StickyGinger launched a 360 campaign to announce the official partnership between PUMA and Warehouse Gym, developing a cross-location branding system, campaign concept film and physical consumer-facing activation:


Design Born from Dubai’s Landscape: At the heart of the new partnership was a distinctive co-branding system that drew inspiration from the 9 Warehouse Gym locations scattered across Dubai. Each location possesses its own character, each mirroring the city’s diverse landscape. The gyms, while unique, share an unmistakable Warehouse Gym quality, and this is exactly what the branding looked to achieve.

Patterns that Tell a Story: For each gym, a bespoke pattern emerged, inspired by the location itself. Al Quoz, renowned for its industrial backdrop, inspired a unique pattern fashioned from corrugated metal. Jumeirah Park, nestled in a villa community, derived its texture from the rooftops that define the area. When one thinks of DIFC, the iconic gate structure comes to mind, giving birth to an identity influenced by the area’s distinctive blocky architecture. Each location’s motif was designed to not only establish its own location, but an integrated part of the larger portfolio – and embedded into a lock-up alongside its new partner: PUMA.

The WORK-SHOP: To officially kick-start the partnership, StickyGinger developed an interactive retail activation concept; the first of its kind to get people sweating to “Burn And Earn” PUMA Coins, running for 3 days only at Warehouse Gym. Rooted in a combination of challenge, tangible rewards and collaboration, The WORK-SHOP brought to life PUMA’s commitment of “FOREVER FASTER” as well as the shared journey of PUMA and Warehouse Gym, by motivating participants to push their limits and surpass their personal bests.

Across social content, media and influencer programming, gym-goers were called out to participate, break a sweat and convert burned calories into a first-of-its-kind currency – PUMA Coins. Each calorie burned earned a coin, which in turn, could be used to “buy” PUMA products and Warehouse Gym rewards.

The Impact

Over the 3 days of activation, the WORK-SHOP had over 600+ participants , who collectively torched a remarkable 200,00+ kcals, acquiring a substantial stash of PUMA coins, granting them exclusive rewards, including a signed Al Hilal shirt, an all-expenses-paid trip for two to the Al Hilal vs. Al Nassr match, and a one-year membership for Warehouse Gym Al Quoz, as well as the latest apparel, accessories and sneakers from PUMA.

Lucy Freeman, co-founder of StickyGinger, commented, “At StickyGinger, we pride ourselves on our ability to creatively fuse any brand’s identity and ethos into an innovative result driven and creative ideas. From the innovative branding approach to establish the partnership through design, to the consumer-facing WORK-SHOP concept, where we transformed fitness into a gamified experience, we looked to expand creative boundaries as well as showcase our capabilities as an agency in crafting comprehensive campaigns. We redefined the fitness landscape, offering a fresh perspective on wellness, highlighting the strength of inventive thinking in today’s evolving consumer landscape.”