CASABBLANCA –  April, 25th, 2024 – Stellantis Middle East and Africa celebrated this April 18th in Istanbul, Turkey the success of its first Customer Centricity Competition, an innovative event that brought together our network front liners exceptional talent from across the MEA region. The competition showcased the skills and expertise of professionals in four distinct categories: Sales Advisor, Service Advisor, Technician, and Spare Parts Advisor.

The Stellantis MEA Customer Centricity Competition saw a total of 24 winners among 6000 professionals from 81 markets across MEA region, representing the four different categories across various dealers within the MEA region. Participants from all over the region, including countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, and Qatar, eagerly took part in this event.

The winners were selected based on their exemplary performance and expertise in each sub-category. In the Sales and Service Advisor category, winners were recognized for their excellence in Best Greeting & Consulting, Best Negotiation & Closing, and Best Theoretical Knowledge. Similarly, in the Technician and Spare Parts Advisor category, winners were awarded for Best First Practical Test, Best Second Practical Test, and Best Third Practical Test.

“This competition highlights Stellantis MEA’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction as per our dare forward 2030 strategy with our ultimate goal to accomplish the top position in customer satisfaction it’s a commitment that drives our actions by placing the customer at the heart of our operations.” said Samir Cherfan, Chief Operations Officer for Stellantis Middle East & Africa. “We were pleased to see such an exceptional display of talent and expertise. The winners have truly set a benchmark for customer-centricity and professionalism.”

To reinforce this commitment, Stellantis MEA have made substantial investments in training totaling nearly 2 million Euros in 2023 and translating into along with 70,000 hours training across the region. Thus, several tangible efforts have been implemented such as:

  • The MEA Spotlight program, recognizing and rewarding top-performing Advisors.
  • The NPS Data Reliability program, guaranteeing authentic customer feedback.
  • The Introduction of Customer Tables to speed up the resolution of Customer Care resolution.

The success of the Customer Centricity Competition highlights Stellantis MEA’s dedication to fostering talent and enhancing customer experiences across the MEA region.