Steven van den Haak joins the team to bring his expertise in trend research and trend forecasting to Startling Brands.

(BERLIN, Germany, February 16, 2018) Startling Brands is a branding and corporate identity specialist firm from Berlin. In February 2018, the agency relaunched its monthly illustrated trend forecasting blog FUTURE TRENDS, reflecting on current research tendencies in branding, science, arts and technology and their impacts on the modeling of our future.

Brand agencies are required these days to invest in trend research and forecasting. “In the era of transient consumer behavior, agencies must be able to partially predict and reflect upon the subtle shifts in consumer preferences by swiftly adapting their marketing and brand strategies” says Mario Dzurila, Creative Director of Startling Brands. “Trend research must span across the entire spectrum of science and humanities in order to predict complex impulses which create a response from the future consumer,” he adds.

With his first installment, Brands Should Commit To Activism Or Steer Clear Of It, Steven van den Haak warns brand and marketing officers against jumping on the trend of corporate activism without having their organizations fully committed to it. He further clarifies how, in the current era of consumer awareness, brands are risking their reputation if they simply deliver advertising disguised as ideals and ethics.

About Startling Brands

Startling Brands is a branding and corporate identity specialist firm from Berlin. The agency provides a full range of integrated strategy, brand consulting, creative and design services, in order to help clients create, grow and manage their brands.

About Steven van den Haak

Steven van den Haak is a trend researcher, writer, lecturer and art historian based in Amsterdam. He studied Art History at the University of Amsterdam and after graduation worked for two years at trend forecasting agency SecondSight. He now teaches trend research at the Academy for Creative Industries of Fontys University of Applied Sciences and conducts research exploring the changes in values and needs amongst consumers.

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