Psychem, which is short for Psychological Chemistry, is an Eau de Parfum line consisting of five unique hand-compounded scents (Aleph 1–5), done by and exclusively for Lunar Jetman. For the meantime, Psychem will not be marketed or mass produced, it will only be available at the agency.

Perfumery is one of the highest art forms, it’s about the interpretations of elements into meanings and moods. The impact a perfume has on one’s psyche is enormous and if used knowledgeably, can act as a great life-enhancing, mood-controlling drug.

Think of Psychem as a fix. It comes in a medicinal bottle, packed minimally and with just a small distinction in the label’s color. The outer box and inner tray share a similar design across the entire range to enforce the Aleph line.


Brand: Psychem

Design Agency: Lunar Jetman

Project Title: Packaging Design for Psychem

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Project Category: Perfumery

Project Status: Implemented