The on-the-go packed bakery market in Egypt is growing rapidly in the last years with so many competitions from big brands like Edita (Molto & Brunch) & Mongini and from new players like Ole, as well as from unknown brands like Bonjour Max, Tata…etc.

The packed bakery market is divided mainly between croissant products and pate products only, brunch only recently launched their new sandwich under the brand name Brunch-wich in 2 flavors (Feta & Istanbolly) after hearing rumors about our new product launch, to block us from entering this market.

Domty has decided to expand its product portfolio by entering the packed fresh bakery market with a Cheese Sandwich filled with Domty Cheese in 6 different flavors in the 1st phase: Feta Cheese, Feta Cheese With Olives, Istanbolly Cheese, Creamy Cheese, Chocolate and Jam.

Competitive Advantage

  • Our Cheese Sandwich is filled with Domty Plus Cheese ( our best-selling product in cartoon packaging).
  • You know and trust the filling inside the sandwich not like other brands where the cheese source is unknown.
  • We own the cheese, so we fill the sandwich with cheese from the first till the last bite

Core Messages To Deliver

  • On-the-go
  • Affordable belly filling snack
  • Guaranteed ingredients/cheese
  • A trusted product for your kids for the school lunch box
  • Filled to the most with Domty cheese

Target Audience 

We’re aiming at two main targets:

Primary Target are teenagers and youth, who can buy it from kiosks while going to school, university, sport clubs or going to work as a snack in the middle of the day to satisfy their hunger.

Secondary Target are mothers who are so busy in their daily life routine and this sandwich can save them the everyday hassle of what to put in the kids lunch box for school or as a midday snack in their training bag


Brand: Domty Cheese

Agency: Icon Branding

Project Name: Domty Cheese Packaging Design

Project Category: Snacks- Cheese

Project Location: Cairo, Egypt

Project Status: Implemented