TikTok For Business launches a series of weekly educational webinars to help marketers & brands own the Black Friday season

Dubai, UAE – September 16, 2021: Black Friday is one of the most anticipated yearly retail events for thousands across the world, bringing with it unrivalled opportunities for brands to drive sales and increase revenue before the year end. To ensure businesses of all sizes are able to capitalize on this key retail moment, and maximize the platform’s unparalleled influence amongst engaged audiences, TikTok for Business has organized a series of weekly educational webinars as well as a dedicated webpage with invaluable resources. Available across TikTok’s LinkedIn Page and the upcoming microsite, every week until the end of October.

Hosted by TikTok experts, the Black Friday webinars aim to help brands and businesses learn more about the possibilities of using creative, short-form video content, in particular when it comes to driving target audiences and community commerce. The webinars will also feature examples of winning tactics, deep dives into relevant case studies and insights into how brands and marketers can optimize the suite of ad solutions available. The guidance will shine a light on the ‘real’, fun and creative ways to reach TikTok’s authentic and highly engaged community.

E-Commerce is an experience that was designed with the transaction at its core, but as the world changes, consumer habits change, and people are longing for more authenticity, empathy, and joy. On TikTok, commerce has been reimagined to more than just a monetary transaction as users see the experience as an exchange of value between people, brands and cultures. As per the Nielsen Authenticity Study, TikTok was the only platform associated with feelings of bravery (75%) and freedom (76%) as a form of authenticity by its users.

“Today, the dynamism of commerce has shifted. Consumers are more aware than ever before about the type of experiences they want from brands and the type of communication they don’t just desire but expect, and they are telling that to brands. Businesses have a lot to gain from leaning in on TikTok, a platform where the community is at the center of the shopping experience and they have numerous options on how to amplify their brand and build the kind of trust today’s consumer is after” said Aref Yahia, Head of Retail and Ecommerce, TikTok Global Business solutions, METAP.

Ever since its launch, TikTok for Business has helped brands grow their businesses through creative content on the platform, leading to greater awareness and engagement from the TikTok community. In fact, many brands have optimized TikTok’s unique content format, built brand love, made lasting connections, bringing strong results for their businesses. Even more so, brands that have been at the forefront of emerging trends have seen literal sell-out success overnight, from skincare products to kitchen-wear, reaffirming the notion that #ItStartsonTikTok.

TikTok is committed to further supporting brands to reach their audiences this Black Friday, and generating action from their content, the relevant way.

Tune into the Black Friday webinars covering topics including the following:

  • TikTok Reimagines Commerce
  • Bringing Back The Joy Of Shopping
  • Three tips to embrace your ad solutions
  • Black Friday FAQ series
  • Understanding community commerce