Dubai, May 25, 2024: Hold onto your milk cartons, folks! Netizency, the Dubai-based social media agency, has just added Koita Milk, the UAE-born and raised organic and plant-based milk brand, to their roster of clients.

As of last month, Netizency has been busy moo-ving and shaking things up for Koita, managing their content creation, moderation, media, and analytics.

Founded in 2016 by Mustafa Koita, Koita Milk
came about from a simple need for clean, organic options in the UAE, so families can “Eat Good,
Feel Good, Do Good.”

“We’re over the moon about partnering with Koita,” said Michael Maksoudian, Managing Partner at Netizency. “We’re here make sure we up Koita’s social media game, and that the content we create for them is legen-dairy!”

Mustafa Koita, CEO of Koita Milk, added, “We chose to partner with Netizency because they have the cream of the crop when it comes to social media expertise. Their understanding of the brand’s mission to “Provide healthy milk for everyone”, along with their creative flair and social media expertise is just what we need to shake things up and connect with our consumers on a whole new level!”