Creating new roles and sharpening Interbrand’s offerings to better serve clients

(New York, New York) January 31st, 2018 – Charles Trevail, who commenced as Interbrand’s CEO on January 1, 2018 announced new promotions and positions during his first week in office starting with Gonzalo Brujó, the current CEO of Interbrand EMEA & LatAm, who assumes the new role of Global Chief Growth Officer. As part of this new leadership strategy, Interbrand also announced the new role of Chief Growth Officer of North America with key hire Hermann Behrens.

“There’s a certain pride here at Interbrand, I’ve always sensed it, I even heard about it from clients, and now I feel it too,” said Charles Trevail, Interbrand’s new Global Chief Executive Officer. “I firmly believe that we have the capability to reinvent branding for the 21st Century. Putting together this new team of leaders allows us to think like a start-up and rebuild this business around what branding in the future is, rather than necessarily just what it’s been in the past.”

As CEO EMEA & LatAm since 2015, Gonzalo Brujó has spearheaded a business transformation in eleven of Interbrand’s offices. Having joined the organization 15 years ago, Brujó has cultivated a completely global vision of Interbrand’s client offering and demonstrated unparalleled levels of collaboration to pioneer significant business growth.

Brujó is known as a leading international expert on brands, marketing and communication. As such, he is a trusted partner of an array of world-leading companies in a variety of industries. In addition, Gonzalo Brujó is the author of several bestselling books, a frequent media spokesman and columnist contributor, conference speaker, and professor.

“Having been a part of Interbrand for over a decade, it’s what I believe in. There’s no better time than right now to build on what we have created and develop an integrated approach for Interbrand to grow globally,” said Gonzalo Brujó, Global Chief Growth Officer.

Hermann Behrens was selected as Interbrand’s Chief Growth Officer of North America, supporting leaders and new business teams across the North American region. He will bring together a regional Growth team, which for the first time, assembles new business leaders and marketing teams from New York, Toronto, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and InterbrandHealth.

Prior to Interbrand, Behrens was a part of marketing and design consultancy, FITCH, where he served as CEO of North America for over 2 years. Behrens comes to Interbrand with extensive experience in CPG, retail, health, corporate strategy, and more. His broad experience in developing go-to-market strategies have helped him to build businesses and maximize performance.

“It’s an exciting time to be at Interbrand,” said Hermann Behrens, Chief Growth Officer, North America. “My background combines a start-up mentality and consulting mindset, essential for serving the needs of clients today. The Growth team will be influential in creating a unified approach across our global network, while generating new business opportunities and elevating Interbrand’s branding service offerings.”


The recent appointments in leadership reinforce Interbrand’s commitment to its clients, as well as the firm’s determination to being a leader in the industry. As the market continues to evolve, Interbrand’s mission to provide top notch services will remain to be the focus of the business.


“As Interbrand’s new strategy unfolds, the world will begin to see that we are at the pulse of our client’s needs,” said Charles Trevail. “Just as we introduced branding to the world several decades ago, we will be recognized as pioneers again.”


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