The practice will offer a new range of consultancy services from ethical leadership to societal impact strategy to help clients make better ethical decisions and drive integrity. It follows a major study that reveals less than half of major companies are equipped to deal with critical ethical challenges.

New York, US, May 8th 2023: Global brand consultancy, Interbrand has launched a Brand Integrity & Ethics offering to support brands and leaders align their business decisions and conduct with the organization’s purpose, commitments and stakeholder expectations. This practice is the first of its kind offered by an agency.

In partnership with Principia Advisory, the leading advisory network on organizational ethics, the practice will support businesses navigating societal changes – helping brands and organization leaders understand the increasing ethical dimensions and responsibility of their decision-making. Identifying key areas for improvement across their ethical practices as well as potential risks, opportunities, and challenges, the practice creates a framework for ethical decision-making that brands and leaders can follow.


A new study has found that less than half of major companies are equipped to deal with critical ethical challenges with business leaders believing there is a persistent gap between an organization’s assessment of the risks they face and their capabilities to respond. Businesses need to address this gap to bring integrity and ethics into their decision-making.

Organizations and brands are increasingly being asked to contribute to key issues beyond traditional ‘brand and business’ practices. Today, stakeholders expect brands to take a stance on ethical issues and address topics with purpose, as well as actions. By embedding these practices into an organization’s culture, leaders can make better decisions that build trust and reputation.

Interbrand will work with brands and leaders to offer the following services:

  • Ethical Futures – Identifying the incoming technological, social, political and economic changes that could shape the future of an organization, and assess the ethical considerations of potential scenarios to prioritize the decisions required to translate purpose into impact
  • Ethical Leadership – Develop the leadership thinking and skills required to address complex scenarios, and build frameworks to navigate ethical decisions and dilemmas while supporting an organization’s values
  • Culture & Capabilities – Implementing purpose throughout an organization to align internal operational standards and culture with its purpose. Pinpointing the risks to brand integrity, assessing existing capabilities and aligning beliefs, behaviours and systems to act with consistency, transparency and integrity
  • Societal Impact Strategy – Aligning the expectations of the organization and its stakeholders and identifying the steps needed to create real purpose and actions. Connecting purpose with ESG to enhance societal impact, and targeting the “Generosity Dividend” of connecting philanthropy with the values of a brand

Both Interbrand and Principia will work with brands and C-Suite leaders on a consultancy basis – advising through potential crises and scenarios beyond their core business. By committing to, and actioning, social change, brands can differentiate from their competitors by building credibility and visibility.

Gonzalo Brujo, Global CEO of Interbrand, said: “Our 2022 Best Global Brands Report documented the emergence of a new super league of brands that have combined exceptional experiences and uncompromising ethics to drive brand growth and expansion into new arenas. In response to this new dynamic, our Brand Integrity & Ethics practice was developed by carefully listening to our clients’ needs and devising an innovative path forward for Interbrand and the future of brands.”

Chris Nurko, Group Executive, Brand Integrity & Ethics, at Interbrand said: “Today’s businesses can’t solely focus on the business itself. Neutrality across societal, political and economic crises is now seen as a failure of leadership. Brand leaders are being asked to make decisions on subjects that sit far outside of their core areas of expertise; 10 years ago CEOs were fired for business performance issues, today they are more likely to be fired for ethical issues. The Brand Integrity & Ethics practice will see Interbrand and Principia Advisory work closely with brand leaders to ensure organizations ‘walk the talk’ and lead effective change”.

Sarah Miller, Chief Executive at Principia Advisory: “Brands and C-Suite leaders now hold significant power, and with this power comes a responsibility to lead with integrity. There is an urgent need for leaders to equip themselves to make informed, meaningful decisions, and ensure that their purpose, values, and ethical commitments are embedded into their culture”.

Interbrand’s Brand Integrity & Ethics practice is part of a full suite offering to help organizations deliver meaningful change across ethics, inclusivity and sustainability. Interbrand is working to create barrier-free brand experiences through inclusive design with the aim to break down the ‘design divide’. Interbrand is also working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to help organizations build brand strategies that take action on social and environmental challenges.