Newly appointed Razan Akrouk, Chief People Officer, to support GMG’s expanding workforce of over 10,000 across 12 countries

Dubai, UAE, March 07, 2024: GMG, a global well-being company retailing, distributing, and manufacturing a portfolio of leading international and home-grown brands across sport, everyday goods, health and beauty, properties, and logistics sectors, has launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)initiative, “EmpowHer”, coinciding with International Women’sDay. The initiative aims to empower and support women, highlighting its commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion across all operations. EmpowHer will create career advancement opportunities, leadership development, mentorship programs, pay parity, and an inclusive workplace culture for women at every level.

In alignment with this significant launch, GMG also announcedthe appointment of Razan Akrouk as its new Chief People Officer, who is also responsible for Brand, Culture & Sustainability functions. In her expanded role, Razan will oversee the delivery of the employer brand experience from end to end. Through demonstrating an in-depth understanding of GMG’s values and culture, Razan has been instrumental in building a team that is continuously working on creating an employer of choice brand.

Razan Akrouk, Chief People Officer, GMG, remarked: “In today’s interconnected world, successful global expansion hinges not only on market penetration but also on nurturing a cohesive organizational culture that embraces diversity. Investing in our workforce is imperative beyond mere gestures; it’s about instilling a deep-rooted belief in empowerment, fostering loyalty and propelling sustained growth.”

EmpowHer by GMG affirms its commitment to providing opportunities for career advancement, leadership development, mentorship programs, pay parity, and promoting an inclusive workplace culture. The initiative will feature EmpowHer circles, led by DE&I champions, to drive and encourage mentorship,conduct gender bias awareness training, leverage data to inform decision-making, and track progress.

Akrouk added: EmpowHer is a culmination of our dedicationto fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace for all. It’s not just a committee; it’s a movement. We aim to empower, support, and uplift women across our business at every level from retail to corporate. The initiative is a milestone that signifies GMG’s four decades of dedication to creating an environment where every voice is heard, every talent is recognized, and every woman is given the tools to thrive in their career.”

Recent studies, including those by the Boston Consulting Group, reveal that companies with diverse management teams boost their innovation revenue by 19 percentage points. This underscores the critical importance of GMG’s commitment to gender diversity and inclusion. Such initiatives not only contribute to a more equitable workplace but also enhance the company’s innovation and overall performance.

Razan’s vision for GMG includes leveraging technology to shape a future-ready workforce, enhancing employee engagement through comprehensive DEI efforts, and addressing the challenges of today’s dynamic work environment with proactive and inclusive strategies.