elGrocer adapts to new trends moving Traditional B2B Models directly to Consumers

AUGUST 2020: As part of the brand’s commitment to serve its customers better, elGrocer is launching a new partnership with Farm Fresh this week, developing a unique model in the region where traditional B2B distributers are now able to access consumers directly through a marketplace model.

“The region’s retail industry is rapidly shifting to an Omni-channel model, providing quality goods and services to consumers seamlessly whether in person or through online channels. This is a stance we have been championing across GMG including at Farm Fresh. This latest partnership with elGrocer is Farm Fresh’s first step towards that Omni-channel journey as we stay on the pulse of what our customers want most.” – Mohammad A. Baker, Deputy Chairman and CEO, Gulf Marketing Group.

From B2B to D2C

As online shopping became a part of consumers’ daily routine during the pandemic, the entire grocery industry innovates to find new revenue streams and capture new consumer trends. Xavi Nunes, Chief Marketing Officer of elGrocer, comments:

“Recently we have seen many traditional business going online with elGrocer, such as Thimaar (from Tamraat General Trading) and Del Monte, typical Fruits & Vegetables suppliers, but now it’s the first time we have seen a House of FMCG Brands setting up a direct to consumer model with elGrocer.”

“We will be able to distribute directly, from the warehouse to the end-consumer. Brands including Emborg, McCain, Seara, Lucky Me, Shan, Sunfeast, Mama Sita’s and much more will be delivered the very next day. We are partnering with Farm Fresh, a UAE based Food distributer, for famous household brands with unique prices and bundles to serve consumers across the UAE.” says Xavi Nunes.

This exclusive deal will enable shoppers across the UAE to get unique products and brands directly from the distributor. This collaboration will guarantee the freshest products to the consumers and assure full availability of their products 365 days of the year. Besides such benefits, consumers will be able to access unique prices and bundles, exclusively on elGrocer, creating a unique competitive advantage versus the traditional Brick and Mortar model.

“Farm Fresh is delighted to partner with elGrocer in offering greater choice and superior quality products to the UAE consumers. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with elGrocer.” Shehzad Ahmad, President, Farm Fresh LLC

Farm Fresh Direct will launch on August 10th and will be accessible across Dubai.