• Certification synonymous with workplace excellence, a distinction shared by globally acclaimed companies
  • Milestone further solidifies amana’s position as a leader in fostering an exceptional work environment

Dubai, 21 November 2023: amana, one of MENA’s leading online neobrokers, today announced its recent achievement of earning the prestigious Great Place to Work Certification®. This certification is a testament to amana’s unwavering dedication to cultivating an inclusive, supportive, and inspiring workplace culture that genuinely reflects its vibrant employee community.

“The Great Place to Work Certification® epitomizes our profound commitment to our employees and the unique culture we’ve nurtured,” said Muhammad Rasoul, amana’s CEO. “We aren’t just building a company; we’re creating a culture where our people feel empowered to take ownership of their work and feel safe to experiment and innovate on behalf of our customers.”

A recent anonymous survey about the workplace culture at amana revealed that 93% of employees recognized amana’s leadership for its honesty and ethical practices. Additionally, 93% stated that they feel genuinely welcomed when they join amana. Over 90% expressed an unwavering belief in the company’s commitment to fair and impartial treatment of employees. This sentiment was further reinforced by 89% of respondents who declared amana as a Great Place to Work. Further, 84% of employees expressed their pride in being part of the amana team. 

“amana’s culture is deeply rooted in principles that prioritize innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity,” addedMuhammad Rasoul, CEO. “Our steadfast success is attributed to our robust and accessible leadership, transparent communication. We believe that ethical practices for our customers must first begin inside the company with our employees. We are dedicated to fostering work-life balance, offering flexible schedules and remote work options, while ensuring competitive compensation and healthcare benefits.”

As amana continues to prioritize the well-being of its employees, this certification exemplifies its commitment to creating a supportive and inspiring workplace. Through its exceptional culture, amana not only provides a platform for trading and investing but also serves as a partner in its employee’s financial and personal growth.