Abu Dhabi, UAE, 30th May 2024 – e& Carrier & Wholesale received the ‘Edge Innovation of the Year’ Award at the recent 2024 Data Centre Solutions (DCS) Awards ceremony held in London. The DCS Awards honours outstanding achievements in the data centre industry, celebrating impressive achievements, customer success stories, technology innovations, and individual and company contributions to the ICT sector.

e& Carrier & Wholesale was recognised in the ‘Data Centre Facilities Award’ category for its SmartHub, reflecting its commitment to innovation, connecting digital communities, and achieving energy efficiency.

Omar Bin Humaidan Alzaabi, Senior Vice President, Product and Business Development, e&, said: “We are thrilled to be recognised for our SmartHub solution at the 2024 DCS Awards. This award shows our ongoing commitment to innovation in the data centre industry. SmartHub reflects our dedication to creating a thriving ecosystem as an edge data centre fostering low-latency global connections for data and mobility. We are proud to play a leading role in shaping the future of data centre services and giving businesses the tools to scale as they grow their customer bases.”

e&’s SmartHub Data Centres offer a compelling value proposition for businesses seeking reliable, secure, and high-performance data centre solutions in the Middle East and beyond. Strategically located across the UAE, SmartHub Data Centres guarantee high-speed, low-latency connections – critical for cloud computing and real-time applications.

Locating SmartHubs in coastal areas with direct access to subsea cable systems offers significant advantages. These include ultra-low latency and reduced costs due to minimised or eliminated backhauling fees. SmartHub boasts exceptional reach, connecting over two billion people in the Middle East with latency below 30 milliseconds. This ultra-low latency is a critical factor for customers deploying edge nodes to serve the region.

SmartHub goes beyond simply housing IT infrastructure, offering a thriving ecosystem built for diversity, reliability, and business continuity. The Data Centres boast geo-redundancy for added peace of mind, and its growing tenant community fosters easy access to a wide range of wholesale services, including interconnection between submarines, Cloud Connect, IPX, IP transit, internet exchange, connecting communities within facility, voice servcies, and messaging. Additionally, SmartHub provides access to satellite operators hosted in e& earth stations, expanding connectivity options even further.

Underpinned by strong service delivery teams and processes, SmartHub ensures a high standard of service with certifications like Uptime Institute TIER III DC, ISO/IEC 22301 for business continuity, and ISO/IEC 27001 for information security. SmartHub prioritises reliability and uptime, while also incorporating green initiatives for energy efficiency. Businesses can house their IT infrastructure in secure facilities and leverage e&’s vast network of carriers, cloud providers, and internet exchange points for seamless interconnection and data exchange.

This combination of advanced technology, strategic locations, and a focus on security, efficiency, and connectivity makes SmartHub a powerful asset for major hyper-scalers, content providers, CDNs, gaming platforms, financial service providers, and telcos in today’s digital landscape.