El Maddah: Every new achievement doubles our responsibility, as we continue to grow in our mission to reduce food waste, and directly contribute to Egypt SDG goal of achieving food security.”

In recognition of its role in community development, Danone Egypt won the “Arab Charitable Foundation” award, for its partnership with Egyptian Food Bank to eliminate food waste. The partnership is built upon finding sustainable ways to reduce food waste in Egypt, by donating its daily surplus of products to its partner Egyptian Food Bank; benefiting almost 35,000 students weekly and 5,000 of the bank’s most eligible recipients in orphanages and elderly homes, in the governorates of Cairo, Giza, and Qalyubia.

The announcement came during the Arab Council for Social Responsibility Conference held to shed the light on the most sustainable projects. Several institutions and individuals were awarded the shield of the Arab Award for Charity, for their efforts in addressing the sustainable development goals. The award aims to support social initiatives, community projects, and scientific research, as part of the Council’s provision of advisory, economic, and leadership services in social responsibility, and attracting development experts, scientists, researchers, and academics.

Essam El Maddah, HR & General Secretary Director at Danone Egypt & North East Africa, expressed the company’s pleasure to receive such honorary award. “Danone Egypt’s mission is to provide healthy food solutions. Our partnership with Egyptian Food Bank will help us achieve this by expanding our impact and reach in Egyptian society and directly contributing to achieving the food security SDG.”

El Maddah added that receiving the honorary shield is a testament of Danone Egypt’s leadership in social development initiatives, and demonstrates the extent of the Arab League’s interest in civil society organizations, and working to implement Egypt SDS 2030. “Danone is an active player in several social development initiatives that aim to achieve food sustainability and eliminate food waste in Egypt as well as other activities that contribute to reducing unemployment rates in rural areas. We work towards establishing healthier and more sustainable food alternatives, in line with our strategy to provide healthy nutritional solutions with an enjoyable taste. This reflects a strong belief that people’s health and the planet’s welfare are interconnected.” El Maddah explained.

It is worth noting that the Arab Charitable Award is a competition to evaluate the best charitable works in the Arab world on individual and institutional levels. A jury, made up of a large number of experts and specialists, selects the winners, both from influential institutions and individuals in the field of charitable work in the Arab world.