Astral Marketing Network is a multinational marketing agency based in London that assigns Ahmed Elabd As regional managing director for the middle east, north africa & turkey, Ahmed has 18 years of experience in marketing mainly in health care and pharma and recently in food & beverage will manage the operations and execute the company global strategy in middle east 

in such a congested market, Astral is trying to find a unique path in the creative & marketing industry, their primary goal is to focus on integrated marketing communication strategies to help mega clients to survive during recent economical challenges.

” Due to the current challenges, network marketing became an efficient business model, customers became smarter and more knowledgeable than before, Gen Z influences purchasing decisions in each family across the middle east and we have an ambitious plan to target this segment, Both millennial and Gen Z consumers connect more with stories than they do with products and material things, so it may be a good idea to make storytelling a major component of your marketing efforts. All consumers, regardless of generation, want to better understand the people who work in a company and build personal connections. You can better connect with both generations by promoting the people who are responsible for making your products and services. Said Ahmed Elabd