Dubai, United Arab Emirates; August 30, 2023 – Volkswagen Middle East is celebrating the end of the third year of its collaboration with Carpool Karaoke Arabia, partnering on the fifth season of the popular Dubai based production. The renowned TV show, inspired by the acclaimed “Carpool Karaoke,” concluded in a burst of musical camaraderie, as Arab celebrities came together to create a vibrant recap video that echoed the essence of the iconic Arabic song they sang. The video, released in celebration of the show’s successful season finale and the enduring partnership between Volkswagen Middle East and Carpool Karaoke Arabia, encapsulated three years of shared success and entertainment.

Behind the wheel of stylish Volkswagen vehicles, host Hisham Alhowaish guided a star studded roster in a joyful sing-along, united by the universal language of music. The stars, including household names like Shireen Abdel Wahab, Nesreen Tafesh, Mohammad Ramadan, Nasif Zeytoun, Nour Ghandour, Bassem Yakhour, Aryam, Elham Ali, Ahmed Saad, and Marwan Khoury, created a memorable rendition of an iconic Arabic song. This collaboration celebrated both the musical talents of these personalities and the spirit of unity that binds the Arab world.

Anja Petrovski, Marketing and PR Director for Volkswagen Middle East, said, “Carpool Karaoke Arabia has struck a chord with viewers across the region, capturing the universal joy of singing in the car. Volkswagen is thrilled to have collaborated for the third consecutive season, reinforcing our commitment to fostering genuine connections with local audiences. Our partnership showcases our brand in an engaging and entertaining manner, reflecting our dedication to being locally relevant and relatable and the recap video truly reflects the heartwarming connection we’ve built over the past three years.”

Commenting on the release of the recap video, Sarah Aljarman, Dubai General Channels Director of Dubai Media Incorporated, emphasized, “The recap video is a testament to the compelling content that Carpool Karaoke Arabia consistently delivers. As we ventured into the fifth season, our goal was to deepen the connections between Arab celebrities and their dedicated fans. Throughout this journey, we unveiled Dubai’s cultural landmarks and distinctive lifestyles, offering global Arab viewers an intimate insight into the allure of our region. Our heartfelt appreciation extends to all those who contributed, especially Volkswagen, for their steadfast support in crafting a cherished and memorable experience.”

Throughout the journey of Carpool Karaoke Arabia, two iconic Volkswagen models played a pivotal role. The Touareg, Volkswagen’s flagship SUV known for its technological advancements, provided a luxurious and technologically advanced setting for the stars to shine. Accompanying it was the Teramont, a family-sized 7-seater SUV that has become a favorite across the Middle East for its versatility and comfort.

This recap video embodies the enduring partnership between Volkswagen Middle East and Carpool Karaoke Arabia. Over the span of three years, the collaboration has consistently entertained and united audiences through shared moments of joy and music. As the video captures the spirit of the stars and their playful interactions, it symbolizes the vibrant connection between these two beloved brands.

As the release of the recap video adds another milestone to this partnership, the echoes of the iconic Arabic song linger, reminding us of the power of music to unite, inspire, and create lasting memories. To view the recap video and relive the musical journey, please visit Dubai TV’s YouTube channel.