1. No one has died because of a missed deadline.

2. A key visual that needs to be explained has failed the creative test.

3. If you don’t buy into the concept, don’t try to sell it to your client.

4. In good ads, art often says more than copy.

5. Ultimately, your advertising needs to translate to a higher bottom line for your client. Your fame doesn’t bring them funds.

6. Never create/post something with the hope of going viral.

7. Moment marketing is very effective if done smartly and within 48 hours of the “moment”. Any later, and you have missed the boat.

8. When given a brief – a strategic agency questions the target audiences and often introduces you to potential new ones.

9. If you can’t explain it to a 5 year old – you don’t understand it yourself. Useful when trying to brief the creative team on your clients business – and pain points.

10. There’s a difference between teaching and telling.

11. Always understand how the client makes money. Main sources and auxiliaries – only then can you truly be their communications partner.

12. Always perform at least one pay grade/title above you – It will make it impossible for you to go unrecognized or acknowledged.

13. Get out the habit of staying back in the office just for the sake of it. There is so much out there to explore – Don’t get stuck in a rut of long hours unless you are genuinely on a time crunch.

14. You can be very close to your colleagues – of course it helps if you get along with them, but remember you are working to live not living to work. Give yourself time to live (with and for your family, friends, hobbies etc)

15. Never, ever get married to your idea. Love it, but don’t fall in love with it. There’s a 90% chance it’s not going ahead in the way you envisioned it.

16. Be nice to the secretaries, office managers and support staff. They do so much behind the scenes – and aren’t quite given the same recognition.

17. Don’t let your time sheets accumulate. It’s a pain – and then it defeats the purpose!

18. When it comes to accounts, teams, structure, pay, allowances … ask for what you want. What’s the worst that’s going to happen?

19. Don’t allow hierarchy to dictate your opinion or your ownership on an account.

20. Your grades aren’t as important as your power and ability to own the room. They don’t often go hand in hand.